Eurail Saver Pass for groups

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The Saver Pass is a discounted Eurail pass for a small group of travelers of 2-5 people. You save 15% on the adult prices and children can travel for free with an adult. The Saver Pass is the affordable way for families, friends and other groups to explore Europe by rail.

2-5 travelers per pass

The Saver Pass is a pass listing the names of 2-5 travelers. Six people in your group? Simply order 2 Saver Passes with 3 travelers named per pass. To order a Saver Pass, go to the price table of the Eurail pass of your choice and view the "Adult" or "Family" tab (depending on whether you're traveling with children or not).

Eurail passes available with a Saver Pass discount

Most Eurail passes can be ordered with the Saver Pass discount, including:

  • Eurail Global Pass - travel in no less than 28 countries.

  • Eurail Select Pass – choose 4 bordering countries.

  • Eurail Regional Pass – choose 2 bordering countries.

  • Eurail One Country Pass – discount is not applicable on the Eurail Bulgaria, Portugal and Spain Passes. 

    Eurail Regional passes and Eurail One Country passes have both 1st and 2nd class Saver Pass options, except for the Eurail Norway Pass, Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass and Eurail Scandinavia Pass.

If you're traveling in a group of 4 people, you might want to consider buying two Saver Passes with two people named on each one. This way you will have more flexibility to split up during your trip.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I order a Saver Pass? 

    Check the price table of your chosen pass. You can see from the different tabs if the Saver Pass option is available. If the Saver Pass is available, you can add between two and five travelers to the cart. To add more Saver Passes select "continue shopping" and repeat with the desired number of travelers. Once you're in the check out, you can add the details of each traveler. Please remember,  not all Eurail passes have the Saver Pass option. View all passes to check the different options available.

  • Can families travel with a Saver Pass? 

    Families can also travel with a Saver Pass. Simply select the "Family" tab in the price table of your chosen Eurail pass and select the number of children and adults in your group. Children in the age 0-11 travel for free with Eurail.

  • Which is better value: the Saver Pass or the youth discount? 

    For groups of travelers under 26, the youth discount is better value than the Saver Pass. However, if one person is under 26 and the other person is over, it usually works out cheaper to order one adult pass and one discounted youth pass.

  • Does my group need to travel together? 

    The Saver Pass is an individual pass listing the names and passport numbers of 2 - 5 travelers.  This means that it isn't possible for individual travelers listed on the pass to make different train journeys at the same time. If only one person uses the Saver Pass to travel, it counts as a travel day for all travelers on the pass.

  • How do I activate my Saver Pass? 

    Like with all Eurail Passes, you need to activate your Saver Pass at a major train station before you can begin traveling by rail. When activating a Saver Pass you must present the passports of each traveler listed on the pass, even if they are not present. Without all the passports of each named traveler, it is not possible to activate the pass.

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