Youth discounts

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Are you 25 years or younger on your first day of travel? Great news, you can order a 2nd class youth pass – saving you a massive 35% discount on the adult price! This is the affordable European rail pass for students, backpackers and other young travelers who want to pack in as much as possible of Europe into one trip.

Prices for travelers under 26

You'll find the prices for youth travelers, with the 35% discount already deducted, in the price tables. If you're 26 or older on the first day your pass is valid or if you would like to travel 1st class, you'll need to order an adult pass.

Available Eurail passes with a youth discount

You can get a youth discount on almost any Eurail pass:

Conditions youth passes

Eurail youth passes entitle you to rail travel in 2nd class, except for in the following cases:

Youth discount or Saver Pass

If you travel with 2 or more people aged 25 or younger, we advise you to buy individual youth passes. A youth pass is usually cheaper and more flexible than a Saver Pass as you don't have to travel together all times.

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