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Best of Italy Trip

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Want to visit all the most popular, must-see sights of Italy but prefer us to take care of your planning? Then the Best of Italy Trip is exactly what you’re looking for! Start and end your vacation in Rome, and stop off at the cultural highlights of Florence, Venice and Milan. Plus, you’ve got the option to add Pisa and Verona to your itinerary. This special pre-planned Eurail Trip ensures you have the ultimate Italian experience!

In addition to your 1st class Eurail pass, we’ll take care of your reservations and give you plenty of tips on things to see and do along the way. All you need to do is book suitable flights and choose where you want to stay - we’ll give you some great recommendations for this too. You can then start dreaming of ‘la dolce vita’ .

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NOTE: Eurail Trips have a pre-defined route but we try our best to accommodate small amendments where possible. If you have one, please send us an email at the above address before booking your Eurail Trip and we’ll see what we can do!

This Eurail Trip includes

  • 1st Eurail pass

  • All your train reservations.

  • Mini Travel Guide - including ideas for exciting day trips.

  • Itinerary telling you where and when to board your trains.

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Where does this Eurail Trip take you?

Best of Italy Trip map

Starting city: Rome
Day 1: Train Rome-Florence
Day 2 and 3: Florence
Optional day trip: Pisa
Day 4: Train Florence-Venice
Day 5 and 6: Venice
Optional day trip: Verona
Day 7: Train Venice-Milan
Day 8: Milan
Day 9: Train Milan-Rome



Starting city: Rome


European highlights trip Rome Your Eurail Trip adventure starts in the beautiful, historic city of Rome. Be sure to allow a few days to visit the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon and Vatican City. Or do as the Romans do and enjoy a drink on one of the many piazzas (squares).


Top attractions in Rome: Coliseum, Vatican City, Vatican Museum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps and the city’s many fountains.


Coliseum , Rome Visit one of Rome's top attractions: the Coliseum


Hotel suggestions

  1. Beehive (from €80) 
    What our travelers liked: Located near train station. Cheap breakfast.

  2. Hotel Delle Vittorie (from €69)
    What our travelers liked: Located near Vatican City. Air conditioning. Continental breakfast included.


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Day 1: Travel from Rome to Florence


One of Italy’s high-speed ‘Le Frecce’ trains will take you to Florence in 1 hour and 20 minutes. You'll receive a welcome drink and snack while enjoying the beautiful Italian landscape outside. In the Eurail Trips order checkout, this is the day you should mark as your start date, because this is the day that your Eurail pass becomes valid for use.


Included services: ‘Le Frecce’ 1st class seat, drink, snack and Wi-Fi.

Day 2 and 3: Florence

European highlights trip Florence

In Florence you have the chance to see the impressive Duomo, visit the Galleria dell'Academia, one of the world’s most famous museums, and get a feel of what the Renaissance was all about by visiting Florence’s palazzos (palaces).

Choose to spend an extra day in Florence and see Michelangelo's Statue of David or make a day trip to Pisa and its famous leaning tower.


Top attractions in Florence: the Duomo, Michelangelo’s statue of David, Ponte Vecchio, the Boboli Gardens and the many palazzos and museums.


Duomo of Florence Duomo of Florence

Hotel suggestions

No Eurail traveler recommendations yet.

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Optional day trip: Pisa


Pisa map day trip If you choose to make a day trip to Pisa, you'll travel there 1st  class in only 54 minutes. Reservations for this train ride are incluced in your Eurail Trip. Visit Pisa's impressive leaning tower, the Duomo, stroll around one of the many piazzas and don't forget to try some ice cream before you travel back to Florence.


Top attraction in Pisa: Leaning Tower.

Leaning tower, Pisa Leaning tower, Pisa


Before you go on this day trip, make sure to fill out the date of your travel day on your pass.

Day 4: Florence to Venice


Next stop is Venice with a journey time of just 1 hour and 53 minutes. Enjoy a welcome drink and snack, while seated in the 1st class coach on board this high-speed train. Use the rest of your afternoon to explore this magical city.


Included services: ‘Le Frecce’ 1st class seat, drink & snack & Wi-Fi.

Day 5 and 6: Venice

European highlights trip Venice

Stroll along the stunning canals of Venice or even better: take a gondola. Be sure to visit San Marco Square featuring San Marco’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the iconic clock tower. In Venice you’ll feel like you’ve travelled 400 years into the past, since so little has changed over the centuries.


You have the option to make a day trip to Verona, the city made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet . Or you can spend another day in Venice to enjoy its many beautiful sights.

Top attractions in Venice: the Grand Canal, San Marco Square, San Marco’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, a gondola ride, the Rialto Bridge, the palazzos and the museums.  


Gondola in Venice Gondola in Venice


Optional day trip: Verona

Map Verona day trip

Take a day to explore Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet. Visit Juliet's balcony, experience an opera in Verona's beautiful Arena, and discover the magnificent Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore.

Top attractions in Verona: Casa di Giulietta and Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore.

City view of Verona City view of Verona


Before you start your day trip, make sure you fill out the date of your travel day on your pass.

Day 7: Venice to Milan


A high-speed train will take you to Milan in 2 hours and 23 minutes. If you travel in the morning, you’ll be able to spend your afternoon exploring the city.


Included services: ‘Le Frecce’ 1st class seat, drink, snack and Wi-Fi.

Day 8: Milan


Map milan trip On day 8 you’ll be ready to enjoy both the shopping and the culture in this famed Italian city. The most iconic sight in Milan is the Duomo, situated in the very heart of the city. From here you can easily get lost in one of the many shopping streets and squares surrounding it. 


Top attractions: the Duomo, Da Vinci’s Last Supper, La Scala Opera House and Milan’s great shopping opportunities.  


Milan Cathedral Italy Visit the Duomo of Milan in the heart of the city center

Day 9: Milan to Rome


For your next journey, you’ll travel by high- speed train to Rome. The journey time is 2 hours and 55 minutes, which means you can use the rest of the day to relax in Rome or visit the sights you missed when you first arrived. Rome is the final stop of your Best of Italy Trip.


Included services: ‘Le Frecce’ 1st class seat, drink & snack, Wi-Fi. 


  • Eurail Trips have to be booked a minimum of 21 days prior to the desired start date.

  • Payment can be made with PayPal and all major credit cards including Visa and MasterCard.

  • Prices are per person.

  • If a 1st class reservation isn’t available for any train on the desired day, will look for seats in 2nd class. If no seats are available in either class for a particular train, reserves the right to amend the itinerary.

  • Only non-European residents can travel with a Eurail pass.

  • Flights, accommodation and meals (unless specified) are not included in the offer.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are Eurail Trips? 

    Eurail Trips is a new service by offering a preplanned itinerary for popular routes. Together with a 1st class Eurail pass, you’ll receive all the required train reservations and a mini travel guide featuring extra information and travel tips.

  • What’s included in a Eurail Trip? 

    The following is included with Eurail Trips:

    • A 1st class Eurail pass.

    • All seat reservations matching your itinerary.

    • Printed timetables and extra travel information.

    • A mini travel guide packed full of helpful tips and suggestions for exciting day trips.

  • What Eurail Trips are available? 

    At this moment we offer 2 trips:

  • Do you sell complete vacation packages? 

    No, doesn’t sell complete packages containing flights and accommodation. However, the Eurail Trips feature preplanned itineraries that take care of almost everything else. They include a 1st class Eurail pass and all the required seat reservations for this trip, as well as some hotel recommendations to make it easier for you to decide where to spend the night.

  • Can I make changes to my Eurail Trips booking? 

    Eurail Trips have a pre-defined route but we try our best to accommodate small amendments where possible. If you have one, please drop us an email at before booking your Eurail Trip and we’ll see what we can do!

    You can  choose your own start date, and how long you will stay in the city of arrival and the city of departure. You can determine this by arranging your flights so that you have as many days as you want.

    If you prefer to plan your own trip, you can buy a Eurail pass instead.


  • What is meant by the 'start date'? 

    The start date you choose is the very first day you will use your Eurail pass on a train. Based on the start date you provide us with, we will book all the reservations you need for the rest of your trip. If you would like to spend extra time in the city where your trip starts, then just keep this in mind when booking your flights and leave some days between the date your flight arrives and the first day of your Eurail trip.

  • At what times will my reservations be made for?  

    When making your reservations we will always try to reserve a morning train – usually around 10am. This gives you enough time for breakfast and to explore the new city you’ll arrive in later that day. The only real exception to this is the train from Vienna to Venice in the European Highlights Trip.

  • What do you mean by optional daytrip in a Eurail Trip? 

    An optional daytrip is a trip to an extra city that can usually be visited in one day. You can choose to make a daytrip or to spend your day exploring the city you’re already in. These trips are included in your pass so you can decide on the day itself if you want to without extra charge!

    If you have questions or requests about similar daytrips to go with your Eurail Trip, please drop us an email at  

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