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Couple using laptop If you need help ordering your pass, post your question on our Facebook and we'll get back to you within 8 hours.We also refer to the support section for more information about any question you might have about your pass.

Pass Loss & Theft Coverage

Discover how Pass Loss & Theft Coverage can give you peace of mind during your European rail trip.

Shipping calculator

Use the shipping calculator to view the delivery costs (if applicable) and the expected shipping date of your Eurail pass order.

Payment methods

See our different payment methods.

Train reservations

Some European trains require an advance reservation. For more information about booking your train reservations, check out our helpful Reservation Guide. If you purchase your Eurail pass on our website, you can make use of our exclusive Eurail.com Reservation Service.

Return Policy

Read our Return Policy. Circumstances can change and you might need to return or exchange your Eurail pass.

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