Pass Loss & Theft Coverage

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Don't let the loss or theft of your Eurail pass spoil your holiday. Pass Loss & Theft Coverage protects your valuable Eurail pass at a small additional cost. Protect your train pass, when you order online with us and avoid wasting money on expensive replacement tickets. With Pass Loss & Theft Coverage these extra costs will be covered, up to the remaining value of your pass.

The Loss and Theft Coverage entitles you to a refund for replacement train tickets or a new pass up to a maximum amount. This maximum amount is the equivalent of the remaining value of your lost/stolen pass. It is not possible to re-issue a new pass or replacement tickets. These need to be purchased by you and need to be kept as per the LTC booking terms.

There is no LTC for free child passes. However, if you're traveling with children and purchased the LTC for your adult pass, they will also be insured. This way, if you lose all passes, you can get a refund for all replacement train tickets.

The LTC is for Eurail passes only and does not apply to train reservations made through our Reservation Service.

How to get Pass Loss & Theft Coverage

When ordering your Eurail pass, simply check the Pass Loss & Theft Cover box. You'll receive a brochure along with your pass, providing full details of the coverage.

What to do if your pass has been lost or stolen

If your pass is lost or stolen follow these steps.

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