Return Policy

If you need to return your Eurail pass, you can choose between an 85% refund or an exchange for a different Eurail pass.

A refund or exchange of Eurail passes is only possible under these conditions:

  • It is within 1 year after the purchase of your Eurail pass (the issue date is printed on the pass).

  • Your Eurail pass is unused and unactivated. A partially used pass is non-refundable.

  • You ordered your Eurail passes directly from

Read all about requesting a:
Refund of your Eurail pass
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Refund of a Eurail pass

If your refund request meets the above criteria, we can offer you an 85% refund of the pass price that you paid. Shipping charges are non-refundable. An exception to this is if you purchased Premium Shipping and the first delivery attempt of the package was later than the Estimated Delivery Date. In this case you are entitled to a 100% refund including shipping costs.

Here are details on how to apply for a refund:

  1. Log into your account at the top right of your screen under ‘order status’. You can then request a refund via the tab ‘Refund’ on the left.

  2. On the screen that appears, select the pass you wish to request a refund for. Give a reason why you're requesting a refund and click the button ‘Get return number’.

  3. Send your pass back to us, and clearly write the return number and the provided address on the package. Please use recorded delivery.

  4. Once we have received the unused Eurail pass(es), the money will be refunded to the credit card or other payment method that you originally used for the purchase.  


A refund can take from a few days up to 3 weeks to appear in your account, depending on your credit card company. Lost or stolen Eurail passes are neither refundable nor replaceable, except if you bought Pass Loss & Theft Coverage. Specific terms apply.

Cancellation of a pass

If a passenger, before or on the first day of validity of an activated pass, decides not to use his Eurail Pass, railway staff can render the pass NOT USED. This is done by drawing two diagonal crossing lines across the front of the ticket and writing “Not used” on it, signing it and stamping it with an office date stamp. If, before or on the first day of validity of an activated pass, 1 or more persons on a Eurail Saver Pass decide not to travel, railway staff must cross out the names of the travelers in question on the Control Voucher while indicating “NOT USED” behind these names, signing it and stamping it with an office date stamp.


Exchange of your Eurail pass

If your travel plans have changed, we can exchange your Eurail pass(es) for another type of Eurail pass. You’ll only have to pay an exchange fee of 15 euros per Eurail pass. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

Here are details on how to apply for an exchange:

  1. Order a new Eurail pass through

  2. Follow the return instructions provided above under ‘Refund of a Eurail pass’ and send your old pass back to us.

  3. Please contact our order support team by email, and make sure to include your old and new Eurail order numbers. You can find the contact details for your region in your order confirmation email or invoice. 

  4. When we receive the unused Eurail pass(es) back, we will process a 100% refund minus the €15 exchange fee per Eurail pass.

This Return Policy does not apply to hotel and hostel bookings. Please contact the hotel or hostel company directly.

Also read the Booking Terms.

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