Free Eurail Travel Pack

With your Eurail pass you will receive a complimentary Travel Pack consisting of a Eurail Pass Guide and a rail map of Europe.

Rail Map

The large fold-out rail map of Europe is also essential while you're travelling. It also contains extra maps of various nice train routes and an overview of reservation costs. You can find a download on the page rail maps.

Pass Guide

Furthermore you get a free Eurail Pass Guide containing handy information on traveling with your Eurail pass in Europe. In the shopping cart you can indicate your preferred language.

You can also download a PDF version of the Eurail Pass Guide 2014 in various languages:


Please note that these guides are only printed once a year, therefore some information may be more up-to-date on our website, like Extra Pass Benefits, Eurail Aid Offices and Airport - rail links.

Free Souvenir upon return of the Eurail survey

You are requested to fill in the Eurail Survey (travel report), that you can find inside your Eurail Pass Cover. Upon completion and return of this survey, you will receive a free Eurail Souvenir! The survey will be returned to you if you wish.
See also: How do I claim my gift?

Please note: Some customers are currently experiencing a short delay in reciving their free Eurail souvenir. We want to reassure everyone that this is due to a technical difficulty and the Eurail Group is working hard to make sure everyone receives their gift as quickly as possible! 

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