Eurail benefits in Belgium

Ancient houses in Bruges

If your Eurail pass is valid in Belgium, you can profit from reduced fares on train travel, hotel discounts and other offers from our partners.

To take advantage of these offers just show your Eurail pass or contact the company, that offers the benefit, directly. Free travel offers are only valid during travel days, whereas other benefits apply during the entire validity of your pass.



Travel directly from Brussels or Antwerp to Düsseldorf and London

Travel by bus between Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain on the following routes:

  • Brussels-Roermond-Düsseldorf

  • London-Antwerp-Eindhoven-Düsseldorf

Pass holders with a Global Pass need a reservation only (regular reservation fee). Pass holders with a Pass which is not valid in all countries through which the bus passes need a reservation and a ticket for the section not covered by the pass.

Tickets and reservations are available at railway ticket windows in Germany or by calling the DB.



Meininger Hostels & Hotels

Get a 10% discount on your stay at the Meininger Hotel in Brussels.

Wi-Fi is free in the hotels and hostels.

Booking Information
The discount is only available for bookings via Meininger by email, or per telephone +49 30 666 36 100. Please use the Meininger website to check availability.

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