Eurail benefits in Germany

The Town Hall in Munich Germany

If your Eurail pass is valid in Germany, you can get discounts on ferry crossings and boat trips, cheap hotel stays and other benefits offered by our partners.

To take advantage of these offers just show your Eurail pass or contact the company, that offers the benefit, directly. Free travel offers are only valid during travel days, whereas other benefits apply during the entire validity of your pass.


Scandlines ferry
Scandlines ferry

Travel to Denmark with Scandlines Ferries

With Eurail passes that are valid in Denmark and Germany you can travel for free on the route:

  • Puttgarden – Rødby Færge (Denmark)

Booking information
It is not necessary to make a reservation. Scandlines Ferries depart every 30-40 minutes. Simply go to the Scandlines dock and present your Eurail pass to receive your free ferry crossing.


For more information call +49 1802 11 66 99, visit the 

Scandlines website or contact the company by e-mail.


Puttgarden’s train station is a 15-minute walk from the passenger terminal. If you travel with the ‘Vogelfluglinie’, the train boards the ferry, so you don’t have to worry about how to get to and from the harbor.

Ferry leaving Rostock
Ferry leaving Rostock

Sail off to Finland with Finnlines

Eurail pass holders get a 30% discount on offical fares on the routes:

  • Rostock – Helsinki (Finland)

  • Travemünde – Helsinki (Finland)


You also get a 20% discount on official fares on the route:

  • Travemünde – Malmö (Sweden)

Booking information
Reservations can be made on the Finnlines website (booking code: RAIL) or you can call +49 45 028 0543 or +46 771 340 940.


Please note that the offer does not apply to cabin accommodation. Port charges and meals are also not included in the discount offer.


From Rostock’s train station, take bus 40 in the direction Seehafen Anleger. After 30 minutes get off the bus at Seehafen Fähre. To get to Travemünde’s ferry terminal, take a train from Lübeck. This train takes you to the ‘Skandinavienkai’ in 30 minutes.

S-Bahn in Berlin
S-Bahn in Berlin

Hop on the S-Bahn and discover major German cities

A Eurail pass is also valid on the S-Bahn (suburban metro railways) networks that DB operates in major German cities. The S-Bahn can be recognized by its logo (a white S on a green background).

Travel directly from Nuremberg and München to Prague (Czech Republic)

The IC Bus is a new non-stop motor coach service on which Eurail pass holders receive a special fare. It runs on four routes:


  • Mannheim to Prague (Czech Republic). There are 6 daily round trips in each direction, with a travel time of 6 hours and 40 minutes. 

  • Munich to Prague (Czech Republic). There are 4 daily round trips in each direction, with a travel time of 5 hours.

  • Berlin to Krakow (Poland). There is 1 daily round trip in each direction, with a travel time of 8 hours.

  • Nuremberg to Prague (Czech Republic). There are 2 daily round trips in each direction, with a travel time of 6 hours and 30 minutes.

Booking information

Tickets and service supplements can be bought at ticket offices in the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland. Service supplements are also available from the bus driver with limited availability and at a slightly higher fare.



For more information, visit the DB website.



Additional charges and conditions

  • Holders of a Eurail Global PassEurail Select Pass (containing Czech Republic and Germany) or Eurail Czech Republic-Germany Pass pay the service supplement "Pass": 4.50 euros

  • Eurail Select Pass (containing Czech Republic or Germany) or Eurail Czech Republic Pass: a point-to-point ticket for the section of the country not included (at the regular fare) up to the border point (Waidhaus Grenze) is compulsory, and includes the reservation.

  • All passengers on this motor coach are required to make a reservation.

  • Snacks and beverages are available on board. For travelers in 1st class, snacks are included in the fare.

Go shopping in Frankfurt or Munich

Eurail pass holders get a free ride on the "Shopping Express Bus" which takes you to Wertheim Village Shopping Outlet in Frankfurt or Ingolstadt Village Shopping Outlet in Munich. To get the benefit, just show your Eurail pass to the driver.

Booking information
Reservation is recommended. Call +49 (0)89 - 24 24 85 14 or e-mail the company.

Visit the Wertheimvillage website or the Ingolstadtvillage website for more information.

Bus departures
The Shopping Express Bus to Wertheim Village departs at 09:30 from Frankfurt main train station (exit south to coach parking, opposite Mannheimerstrasse 15, bus stop: Romantische Straße) or at 10:00 at Westin Grand Hotel (next to underground station Konstablerwache).

The Shopping Express Bus to Ingolstadt Village departs at 09:30 from Munich main train station (opposite Karstadt department store) or at 10:00 from Westin Hotel Grand Munich (Arabellastrasse 6).



Meininger Hostels & Hotels

Get a 10% discount on your stay at Meininger Hotels or Hostels in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg.

Wi-Fi is free in the hotels and hostels.

Booking Information
The discount is only available for bookings via Meininger by e-mail, per telephone +49 30 666 36 100 or directly via the Meininger website. Please use the website to check availability.

A&O hotels and hostels

Eurail pass holders get a 10% discount on the daily rate at A&O hotels and hostels in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and other German cities.

Participating hotels and hostels

  • A&O Aachen Haubtbahnhof (opening summer 2014)

  • A&O Berlin Friedrichshain

  • A&O Berlin Mitte

  • A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Dortmund Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Dresden Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Frankfurt Galluswarte

  • A&O Hamburg Hammerkirche

  • A&O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Hamburg Reeperbahn

  • A&O Hamburg City Süd

  • A&O Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O Köln Neumarkt

  • A&O Köln Dom

  • A&O Leipzig Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O München Hauptbahnhof

  • A&O München Hackerbrücke

  • A&O Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof


The discount applies to advance booking only. Book your hotel or hostel on the A&O website or by phone (+49 30 80 947 5110).

To receive your discount, please make sure to use the code 'rail pass'. 


Mosel river with the Kaubburg and Gutenfels castle at the background, Germany
Mosel river, Germany

Cruise the Rhine and the Mosel on KD German Rhine ferries

Eurail pass holders get free sailings on regular domestic runs on the routes operated by the KD German Rhine Line:

  • Cologne (Köln) – Mainz (river Rhine)

  • Koblenz – Cochem (river Mosel)

Booking information
Reservations for the sailings are only available in person. Present your Eurail pass at the dock when you make your reservation.


For information about boarding places and timetables visit the KD Germany Ferry Line website or e-mail the KD.


Additional charges and conditions

  • This offer does not apply to overnight or international travel.

  • On some routes you have to pay a fuel surcharge of €0.80 per person, per journey.

View of Linz
View of Linz

Cruise the dazzling Danube

InterRail pass holders get a 7.5% discount on cruises of Donauschiffahrt Wurm & Köeck on the route Regensburg – Deggendorf – Passau – Linz (reservation compulsory).

Take the train from Passau to Linz, and enjoy a walking tour through Linz before boarding a ship that will sail you back to Passau. Spectacular views and interesting tales at every leg of the journey.


Booking information
Buy tickets at ÖBB train stations or when you reach the dock.

You can also book in advance by sending an e-mail or by calling +49 851 929 292. Visit the Donauschiffahrt website for more information.



The offer does not apply to cruises which include buffet, menu, overnight stays and return trips by bus or train.

Lake Constance
Lake Constance

Experience breathtaking scenery on Lake Constance

Eurail pass holders receive a 50% discount on Lake Constance boat trips operated by BSB, SBS and ÖBB (from May to October).

Booking information

Currently, the Eurail discount is only available in person. Present your Eurail pass at the dock when you make your reservation.


Fore more information contact the BSB by email, call + 49 7531 3640 389 or visit the BSB website (only available in German).

Trabi Safari in Berlin
Trabi Safari in Berlin

Drive through the German capital in the cult car of the old east

Eurail pass holders receive a €10 discount on this unique sightseeing tour. The discount applies to the Trabi Safari 'Classic' and 'Wild-East' tours.

Booking information
Reservations can be made on the Trabi-Safari website. Mention that you want to take advantage of the Eurail discount and you'll get a discount of €10. 

Experience Germany's most popular holiday route with the Romantic Road Coach

Eurail passholders receive a 20% discount on the Romantic Road route:

  • Frankfurt/M – Rothenburg ob der Tauber – Ausburg – München/Füssen

Booking information

Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by e-mail or by calling +49 (0)69 719 126 261.



Berlin, Cologne and Munich Hard Rock Café

Get a free hot fudge sundae with any main meal in the café (Cologne and Munich only), or a free gift in the Rock Shop with every purchase over €25.

For more information call +49 (0)30 884 620 or visit the Hard Rock Café website (Berlin).

Logo of AllAudioGuides
All Audio Guides

Discover popular German cities with All Audio Guides

Save 15% on MP3 audio guided tours about Berlin, Cologne, Kassel, Munich and Oranienberg.

The discount is valid on MP3 audio guides from All Audio Guides. Download audio guides for destinations like Cologne, Kassel and Oranienberg.


You can find your discount code in the Eurail pass guide that you receive with your Eurail pass. The discount applies during the entire validity of your pass and can be used multiple times. 


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