Eurail benefits in Poland

Lighthouse at the Baltic coast, Poland

If your Eurail pass is valid in Poland, you can take advantage of the discounted lounges at Warsaw and Wroclaw train station. You can also use your pass to travel easily from Krakow to Berlin by IC bus.

You can obtain benefits locally by showing your Eurail pass, or you can contact the specific benefit company in advance. The discount benefits only apply during the validity of your pass. Free passage on trains, busses or ferries is only valid on travel days.


View on Kraków
View on Kraków

Travel directly from Kraków to Berlin

Travel by bus between Krakow and Berlin on the following route:

  • Kraków-Wroclaw-Berlin

Pass holders with a Global Pass need a reservation only (regular reservation fee). Pass holders with a Pass which is not valid in all countries through which the bus passes need a reservation and a ticket for the section not covered by the pass.

Tickets and reservations are available at railway ticket windows in Germany or via

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