What is Eurail?

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Eurail is the flexible and fun way to travel across Europe. With just one rail pass you can visit up to 28 countries using Europe’s extensive rail and ferry networks. Create your own European itinerary and go anywhere you want to go. With Eurail the possibilities are endless!

We offer a range of Eurail passes to suit the needs of every traveler. You have the choice of different country combinations and travel periods. Find a Eurail pass to suit your trip today and let the adventure begin!

6 reasons to experience Europe by Eurail


Breathtaking scenery

Glacier Express passing mountain lake

Travel on one of Europe's popular scenic routes and enjoy beautiful scenery like the snow-capped Alps in Switzerland or the lush rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy. 


Discover 28 countries

Young couple in front of Eiffel Tower Paris, France

Discover famed destinations in up to 28 countries from world-renowned capitals like Paris and Amsterdam to enchanting villages in Andalusia in Spain. The choice is endless.


Comfy high-speed travel

Interior of a high-speed train

The train is the comfortable way to see Europe. High-speed trains run in many countries, providing extra-fast transport links without the hassle of airport security and check-in.


Arrive in the city center

A young man at the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium

The train doors swing open and there you are in the heart of the city. Drop your bags off and then you're ready to start exploring a new culture, rich history and famous sites. 


Travel by night

Breakfast in the night train

Cover large distances on night trains while you snooze – fall asleep in one city and wake up the next day in a new place, well-rested and ready to begin a day of exploration.


Meet new people

Regional train, people looking out of train window

Get to know the locals for a truly authentic travel experience and cross paths with other travelers from all over the world. You'll leave with lifelong memories!

Eurail passes

We offer a range of European rail passes. Choose which countries you want to visit and how many train travel days you need. The value-for-money Eurail Global Pass gives you the freedom to discover up to 28 countries by train, including favorites like France, Italy and Spain.

See which Eurail pass fits your plans

Global Pass

Explore up to 28 countries

Pass box map Global Pass up to 28 countries
From USD $339

Select Pass

Select 4 bordering countries of your choice

Pass box map Select Pass 4 Countries 4 countries
From USD $130

Regional Pass

Choose from popular 2 country combinations

Pass box map Regional Pass 2 countries
From USD $120

One Country Pass

Pick from 27 popular countries

Pass box map One Country Pass 1 country
From USD $68

Countries you can visit with Eurail

Italy Portugal Spain France Belgium the Netherlands Luxembourg Serbia Ireland Switzerland Turkey Greece Finland Sweden Norway Denmark Poland Bulgaria Romania Slovakia the Czech Republic Montenegro Hungary Austria Slovenia Croatia Germany Bosnia-Herzegovina


Move from one country to the next in Europe and you'll find interesting information!


Railway in the Austrian Alps

Capital: Vienna

Population: 8.4 million

Language: German

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +43

Enjoy "The Sound of Music"-like views from the train window.


Futuristic Liege-Guillemins railway station

Capital: Brussels

Population: 11 million

Language: Flemish, French, German

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +32

Take advantage of Belgium's fast, efficient train network.


Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria

Capital: Sofia

Population: 7.3 million

Language: Bulgarian

Currency: Lev (BGN)

Dialling code: +359

Admire views of Bulgaria's conifers, deciduous forest and open fields.


View of Split

Capital: Zagreb

Population: 4.2 million

Language: Croatian

Currency: Kuna (HRK)

Dialling code: +385

Take the train south to Split to enjoy Croatia's stunning coast and islands.

the Czech Republic

View of Prague Castle

Capital: Prague

Population: 10.5 million

Language: Czech

Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)

Dialling code: +420

Hop off the train at some of the charming towns in the Czech Republic.


Bridge across Torne River between  Finland and Sweden

Capital: Helsinki

Population: 5.4 million

Language: Finnish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +358

Head up north by train for views of Finland's great wilderness & glistening lakes.


Landscape in Garfagnana, Lucca

Capital: Rome

Population: 59.6 million

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +39

Take a train ride though Tuscany's rolling hills for unforgettable views!

the Netherlands

Dutch tulip field

Capital: Amsterdam

Population: 16.8 million

Language: Dutch

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +31

Play "spot the windmill" as you travel by train through the Dutch countryside!


View from a train in Norwegian mountains

Capital: Oslo

Population: 5 million

Language: Norwegian

Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK)

Dialling code: +47

For top views of Norway's mezmerizing scenery hop on board the train!


View of Giewont mountain

Capital: Warsaw

Population: 38.2 million

Language: Polish

Currency: Zloty (PLN)

Dialling code: +48

Gaze out the train window at Poland's farmland and pretty cottages.


Railway across Lake Skadar

Capital: Podgorica

Population: 625,000

Language: Montenegrin

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +382

The views from the train look like something out of "Lord of the Rings"!


Vineyards and forest along the Mosel river in Germany

Capital: Berlin

Population: 80 million

Language: German

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +49

Take a scenic train ride through Germany's beautiful Black Forest.


Train on railway viaduct in Douro Valley

Capital: Lisbon

Population: 10.5 million

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +351

Take in views of Portuguese vineyards, the Douro River & charming villages.


Bucegi mountains

Capital: Bucharest

Population: 20.1 million

Language: Romanian

Currency: Romanian leu (RON)

Dialling code: +40

Catch sight of Romania's impressive Bucegi Mountains from the train window.


Train near Mokra Gora

Capital: Belgrade

Population: 7.2 million

Language: Serbian

Currency: Serbian dinar (RSD)

Dialling code: +381

Take the train to southern Serbia - you're in for a scenic treat!


Train in Vysoke Tatry

Capital: Bratislava

Population: 5.4 million

Language: Slovak

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +421

Enjoy the beautiful train ride to Slovakia's Tatra mountains.


Scenic view of Slovenia mountains

Capital: Ljubljana

Population: 2 million

Language: Slovene

Currency: Slovene

Dialling code: +386

Sit by the window for a showcase of Slovenia's glorious scenery!


High-speed trains AVE in Madrid

Capital: Madrid

Population: 47.2 million

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +34

Travel between Spain's main cities onboard comfortable high-speed trains.


Northern lights in Swedish Lapland

Capital: Stockholm

Population: 9.5 million

Language: Swedish

Currency: Swedish krona (SEK)

Dialling code: +46

Take the train north to Swedish Lapland for the Northern Lights & ice fishing!


Scenic view from Jungfrau Bahn

Capital: Bern

Population: 8 million

Language: German, French, Italian

Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)

Dialling code: +41

The Swiss Alps, turquoise lakes & charming Swiss cabins - all on one train ride!


Trains at Haydarpasa Station

Capital: Ankara

Population: 75.6 million

Language: Turkish

Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

Dialling code: +90

The Turkish train network connects all corners of this fascinating country.


Green mountain landscape Inishowen

Capital: Dublin, Belfast

Population: 4.6 million, 1.9 million

Language: English, Irish

Currency: Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP)

Dialling code: +353, +44

Admire the "Emerald Isle's" lush green countryside from the comfort of your seat.


Beautiful vineyard in Badacsony

Capital: Budapest

Population: 10 million

Language: Hungarian

Currency: Forint (HUF)

Dialling code: +36

Snap some pictures from the train window of Hungary's farmland & quaint villages.


Scenic view of Luxembourg

Capital: Luxembourg City

Population: 540,000

Language: French, German, Luxembourgish

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +352

Snap some shots from the train of the rolling hills of Luxembourg's Ardennes.


Country field in Denmark

Capital: Copenhagen

Population: 5.6 million

Language: Danish

Currency: Danish krone (DKK)

Dialling code: +45

Take a relaxing train ride through Denmark's pretty countryside.


Railtrack, Villefranche sur mer

Capital: Paris

Population: 65 million

Language: French

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +33

The train runs alongside France's Côte d'Azur coastline - the views are breathtaking!


Nestos river at Thrace

Capital: Athens

Population: 10.8 million

Language: Greek

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Dialling code: +30

The rugged mountains of Greece are in full view from the train window.


Population: 4.5 million

Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian

Currency: Marka (BAM)

Dialling code: +387

Trainride through BosniaHerzegovina is like being transported through Tolkien's Shire

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a Eurail or an Interrail pass? 

    A Eurail pass can only be used by non-European citizens or residents. European citizens can use an Interrail pass instead, available from Interrail.eu. If you are not a European citizen but you can prove that you reside in Europe, you can also choose to use an Interrail pass.

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  • What is a travel day?  

    A travel day is a 24 hour period within which you can travel on trains with your Eurail pass. It lasts from 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 11:59 p.m. on the same calendar day. On each travel day, you have access to the train networks where your Eurail pass is valid.

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  • What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class? 

    The difference between 1st and 2nd class rail travel is the level of comfort and the facilities provided. Most European trains have both 1st and 2nd class cars, but there are also trains without class distinction. A 1st class Eurail pass is more expensive than a 2nd class Eurail pass.

    Compare Eurail pass prices.

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  • What are the delivery options? 

    We offer 3 methods of signed delivery of your Eurail pass, including FREE Budget Shipping.
    With the shipping calculator you can check out the expected delivery date and costs of your order.

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  • Are reservations included in my pass? 

    No, reservations are not included in your Eurail pass. Train reservations are required on most high-speed and all night trains. It's often possible to avoid reservations by taking regional trains instead.

    Read our reservation guide for more information or book your reservations with us.

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