Travel eco-friendly by train with Eurail

Green travel

If you want to travel in the most eco-friendly way possible, Eurail is the way to do it.

Honestly, walking, cycling or swimming is better for the environment. But not all of us are triathletes. And your holiday probably also don't last for months.

So if you want to see Europe's highlights, traveling with the Eurail pass is your greenest travel option.

Why Eurail train travel is environmentally friendly 

There are several reasons why travelling by train is less damaging to the environment:

Less CO2 emission

The CO2 emission on an average Eurail Global Pass trip is about 3 times less per person than traveling the same route by car and 4 times less than traveling by plane.

No additional transport needed

You will arrive near the city center so no need for extra transport by taxi, or bus on congested roads.

Eco-Calculator  diagram eco friendly train travel

The Ecopassenger website helps you to calculate the environmental impact of your journey through Europe. You can compare the emission and energy consumption for planes, cars and passenger trains.

“If you’re concerned about contributing to global climate change, remember that rail is always a better option than flying”, advises Mr. Ian Byrne of the UK National Energy Foundation.



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