Railjet high-speed train

Railjet is one of the most modern and luxurious trains in Europe. It operates mainly in Austria, with international connections to Germany, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The Railjet trains travel at 230 km/h, taking you from Vienna to Budapest in only 2,5 hours. They offer maximum comfort, such as ergonomic seats, free WiFi, a great selection of food, and a cinema corner to keep children entertained along the way.

Railjet routes
Facilities and Services


Railjet high-speed train at train station Salzburg, Austria

Railjet high-speed train at train station Salzburg, Austria

Interior Railjet high-speed train, Austria

Interior Railjet high-speed train, Austria

Restaurant car in Railjet high-speed train in Austria

Restaurant car in Railjet high-speed train in Austria

Railjet high-speed train routes


Railjet trains run throughout Austria and international routes link major Austrian cities with Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland). Railjet travels from Budapest to Vienna in no more than 2,5 hours and can transport you from Munich via Austria to the heart of the Hungarian capital, Budapest in only 7 hours.

Map with Railjet routes
Railjet trains operate on the following domestic and international routes
  • Vienna - Budapest
  • Vienna - Prague
  • Vienna - Salzburg
  • Vienna - Innsbruck
  • Vienna - Graz
  • Vienna - Villach
  • Salzburg - Budapest
  • Salzburg - Zurich
  • Salzburg - Munich
  • Innsbruck - Budapest
  • Graz - Prague
  • Munich - Budapest



Reservation: optional

When a reservation is optional you are able to reserve a seat in advance, but it isn't mandatory. For long journeys and during busy times, we still recommend you make an advance reservation.

Reservations on the Railjet high-speed trains are mostly optional. However, when traveling in or to Hungary, a reservation is mandatory.

How to make reservations for the Railjet

You can reserve your seat on the Railjet in the following ways:

Reservation fees

  • 1st class seat: 4 euros

  • 2nd class (Economy) seat: 4 euros

  • Upgrade to Business Class: 15 euros

Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning

  • Bar

  • Children's play area

  • Cinema

  • Disabled facilities

  • Newspapers/magazines

  • Power sockets

  • Restaurant/bistro

  • Video screens

  • WiFi internet

Facilities may differ per train and route. All Railjet services offer powers sockets at all seats for mobiles and laptops and free WiFi. There are no bike carriages on Railjet trains. Railjet offers special equipment and facilities to passengers with limited mobility.

Operated by:
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