Thalys high-speed train

Travelling at speeds of 300 km/hr. the Thalys high-speed train connects 17 cities across Western Europe, including Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris. Thalys trains are well known for their efficient travel times and their excellent service. If you wish to travel in luxury and save as much time as you can for sightseeing, then the Thalys is your best choice.

Thalys routes
Facilities and Services


Thalys high-speed train crossings fields in France

Thalys high-speed train crossings fields in France

Thalys train at Paris Gare du Nord, France

Thalys train at Paris Gare du Nord

Thalys high-speed train routes


Thalys makes over 50 return trips per day and provides links to 17 cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Liège, Bruges, Ghent, and Cologne.

Map with Thalys routes
The Thalys also connects to the Eurostar routes for speedy travel to and from the UK and makes connections to Dusseldorf airport. Thalys trains make the following direct connections:
  • Paris - Brussels

    via Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid

  • Paris - Amsterdam

    via Bruxelles-Midi / Brussel-Zuid - Antwerpen Centraal - Rotterdam Centraal Station

  • Amsterdam - Brussels
  • Paris - Liège
  • Paris - Cologne
  • Brussels - Dortmund

    via Köln Hbf

  • Paris - Antwerp
  • Brussels - Lille



Reservation: mandatory

When a reservation is mandatory you must reserve a seat in advance. It's not possible to board the train without this reservation.

Reservations on the Thalys high-speed trains are mandatory. We recommend you make your reservations as far in advance as possible. Your Eurail Pass has to be valid in at least one of the countries you travel in with Thalys.

Please note that Thalys trains offer a limited number of seats for Eurail Pass Holders. Once these seats are taken, you will need to purchase a full-fare ticket. We advise you to reserve the trains as far in advance as possible. You can start making reservations up to 3 months in advance.

How to make reservations for the Thalys

You can reserve your seat on the Thalys in the following ways:

Reservation fees

Pass 1 fares

Train type 1st class 2nd class Reservation type
Thalys Paris - Belgium* 30 euros 20 euros Mandatory
Thalys Paris - Germany 35 euros 25 euros Mandatory
Thalys Paris - the Netherlands 35 euros 25 euros Mandatory
Thalys Lille - the Netherlands 25 euros 15 euros Mandatory
Thalys Belgium - the Netherlands 25 euros 15 euros Mandatory
Thalys Belgium - Germany 30 euros 20 euros Mandatory

*When traveling from Paris to Brussels National Airport, you'll need to pay an additional 5 euros.

Added value to your trip

The Thalys is an exceptionally comfortable train, offering free WiFi, individual power sockets, and free newspapers. In 1st class, complimentary drinks and a hot meal are served at your seat. This is why reservation fees for the Thalys are higher than average.

Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning

  • Bar

  • Disabled facilities

  • Newspapers/magazines

  • Power sockets

  • Restaurant/bistro

  • Waiter service

  • WiFi internet

Facilities may differ per train and route.

Operated by:
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