Luxembourg by train

Travel by train and experience all the magic of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Although small in size, Luxembourg is big on things to see and do. It is known for its medieval castles, beautiful scenery, the Moselle wine region and the spectacular fortress of Luxembourg City.

Train types in Luxembourg
International connections to and from Luxembourg
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Train types in Luxembourg


Luxembourg’s train network is operated by the CFL (Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois). The CFL also operates buses that, together with the train network, connect all of Luxembourg. Use the Eurail timetable to check times for trains in Luxembourg.


Regional and InterCity trains in Luxembourg Regional train Luxembourg

The rail network in Luxembourg is made up of the following regional trains and buses:

  • RegionalBahn

  • Interregio

  • Regional Express

  • CFL buses


On the Eurail timetable RegionalBahn, Interregio and Regional Express trains appear as “RE” and buses as “BUS”. Reservations are not required for regional trains and buses in Luxembourg.

High-speed trains in Luxembourg

International high-speed trains in Luxembourg

These high-speed trains operate to and from Luxembourg:

  • IC trains link Luxembourg with Basel (Switzerland), Brussels (Belgium) and  Koblenz (Germany).

  • TGV trains connect Luxembourg with Paris (France).


On the Eurail timetable IC trains are shown as 'IC' and TGV as 'TGV'. Reservations are compulsory for TGV. For IC trains, reservations are optional but we recommend making reservations during weekends and busy periods.

Night trains in and between Luxembourg Map with night train routes in Luxembourg

International night trains

The InterCité de Nuit connects Luxembourg with the south of France by night. The last stop of the train is Port Bou, on the Spanish border.


  • Luxembourg - Montpellier (France) - Cerbère (France) – Port Bou (Spain)  

  • Luxembourg - Marseille (France) – Nice (France)


InterCité de Nuitappears as "TRN" on the Eurail timetable. You are required to book sleeping accommodation in advance.

International connections to and from Luxembourg


International train connections to and from Luxembourg

We suggest the following routes to travel between Luxembourg and other European countries:

  • Belgium – Luxembourg
    Take an InterCity train to travel from Brussels to Luxembourg city (3hr)

  • France – Luxembourg
    Travel by TGV train from Paris to Luxembourg city (2hr). Or take an Intercité de Nuit night train to the south of France.

  • Germany – Luxembourg
    Travel by InterCity train from Koblenz to Luxembourg city (2hr).

Reservations for trains in Luxembourg


Reservations for CFL trains and buses are not required. For InterCity trains that operate between Luxembourg and Basel, reservations are optional if you want to be sure of a seat. Reservations are required for night trains and international high-speed trains. Prices for night trains depend on the type of sleeping accommodation you choose.


Please note that the number of seats available for Eurail pass holders is limited on TGV and InterCité de Nuit trains. We recommend you make your reservations for these trains as soon as possible.


How to make reservations for trains in Luxembourg

You can make reservations for domestic and international high-speed trains and night trains:


  • Through our Reservation Service.

  • At a ticket desk or self-service machine at local train stations.

  • By phone through the CFL call center.
    Phone number: +352 2489 2489
    Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. (7:00) to 7 p.m. (19:00). Closed on national holidays.


When calling you'll hear a menu in German, French and English. Select extension "2" for bookings and train information. Your reservations can be delivered to any European country. If you pick up your reservations at Luxembourg's main train station, the booking cost is €5. If you have your reservations delivered no booking fee is charged, but you'll have to pay a delivery cost of €7.

Find out more about reservations

Rail passes for Luxembourg


Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux) are classified as one country in the Eurail Pass. The Eurail Benelux Pass lets you see all of the Benelux's top cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Luxembourg city. We offer the Eurail Benelux Pass and passes that combine the Benelux with other European countries.

Rail passes for Luxembourg

  • Eurail Global Pass starting from USD$ 336- Be free to visit the Benelux and up to 27 other European countries.

  • Eurail Select Pass starting from USD$ 188 – This 2, 3, or 4-country pass combines the Benelux with bordering countries.

  • Eurail Benelux Pass starting from USD$ 146 – Visit Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg with one pass.


For route ideas for your Eurail trip, check out our European itineraries.

Places to visit in Luxembourg

Vianden Castle
Vianden Castle

Chateaus and maisons

Vianden should have ‘Once upon a time…’ as its town motto. When you see Vianden Castle, you’ll feel certain you’re entering a fairy tale. Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, the castle was one of the largest and most elegant feudal residences. Next, visit the Maison de Victor Hugo, where the author lived for a time during his exile from France. The télésigè chair lift carries you 1,400 feet (427 meters) up, and offers unmatched views.

The train will bring you to the town of Ettelbruck, and from there you can take a bus to Vianden.

Waterfall in the Mullerthal Region, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland
Waterfall in the Mullerthal Region, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland

Little Switzerland

A must-see on your Luxembourg train adventure is 'Little Switzerland' also known as the Müllerthal region. Thanks to the sandstone formations, the area is packed with streams, caves, tumbling waterfalls and thick forests. Hike or bike along scenic trails, climb sandstone cliffs or swim in the clean, crisp waters. Whatever your outdoor pleasure, amazing nature can be found in the Müllerthal.

Arrange hiking, cycling or climbing adventures in the Müllerthal while you’re in Echternach.

Scenic view of Luxembourg city, Luxembourg
Scenic view of Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

The cosmopolitan capital

From its tallest towers to its deepest river gorges, Luxembourg City radiates wealth and prosperity. There’s plenty to see and do in the historic old town, including the Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art (National History and Art Museum). Stroll the Chemin de la Corniche for its remarkable views and proximity to the Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg (Museum of the City of Luxembourg).

The Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg is about a 15-minute walk from Luxembourg central station.

Events in Luxembourg

Luxembourg National Day, Luxembourg city
Luxembourg National Day, Luxembourg city

Luxembourg National Day

June 23, 2017

Including a spectacular fireworks display, Luxembourg City celebrates its pride with this day-long festival, including traditional food and music, and plenty of dancing and fun.

Festivities take place all over Luxembourg city and are within walking distance of the central station.

Rock um Knuedler, Luxembourg city
Rock um Knuedler, Luxembourg city

Rock um Knuedler

July 17, 2016

This 1-day music festival is free and usually has a couple of international artists in the line-up.

The festival is held in the city center, 20 minutes by foot from the main train station.

Schueberfouer, Luxembourg city
Schueberfouer, Luxembourg city


August 19 - September 7, 2016

Nearly 2 million visitors descend upon Luxembourg for one of Luxembourg City’s oldest and most popular festivals. It features carnival rides, food, drink, music, games and more. Don’t miss it!

Special Schueberfouer buses will take you from the main train station to the festival site.

Live at Vauban, Luxembourg city
Live at Vauban, Luxembourg city

Live at Vauban

September 29 - November 13, 2015

Dates unconfirmed.


For the past 15 years, Luxembourg City has paid homage to music and creativity with this 8-week long musical festival. The premiere musicians in a variety of eclectic styles perform for captive audiences.

Take bus 2 or 4 (direction Limpertsberg) from the main train station and get off at the 7th stop (Limpertsberg Alen Tramsschapp). From there it's a 5-minute walk.

More about Luxembourg

Train arriving in Luxembourg city

Train arriving in Luxembourg city

Quick facts

  • Capital: Luxembourg City

  • Population: 540,000

  • Language: French, German, Luxembourgish

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +352

Luxembourg's hub stations

Luxembourg's main hub station is Luxembourg. Here it’s possible to connect to trains and buses that take you across Luxembourg and to many international destinations.


Station facilities

Luxembourg has excellent facilities, including:

  • Luggage lockers

  • Foreign exchange desks

  • Restaurants and cafés

  • Tourist information offices

  • ATM cash machines

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Shops

  • Access for disabled passengers

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