EuroNight Metropol

Reichstag in Berlin

The EuroNight Metropol is a comfortable night train that connects five impressive European capitals. Fall asleep in Berlin and wake up to see Prague's magnificent castle or the Schönbrunn palace in Vienna. Travel a bit further yet and fall in love with the old cities of Bratislava and Budapest, standing proudly on the banks of the Danube river.

EuroNight Metropol routes


The EuroNight Metropol runs daily on the routes Berlin-Vienna and Berlin-Budapest. All the way through Germany and the Czech Republic, these routes are precisely the same, with Dresden, Prague and Brno as the most important stops. Onwards from Břeclav, a town on the Czech-Austrian border, one Metropol train will go southwest to Vienna, while another travels southeast, to Bratislava and Budapest.

Map with route of Euronight Metropol
The EuroNight Metropol runs on the following routes:
  • Berlin - Vienna
  • Berlin - Budapest

    via Bratislava



Reservation: mandatory

When a reservation is mandatory you must reserve a seat in advance. It's not possible to board the train without this reservation.

Reservations for the EuroNight Metropol are mandatory and can be made up to 120 days in advance.

How to make reservations for the EuroNight Metropol

You can reserve your seat or sleeping accommodation on the EuroNight Metropol in the following ways:

Reservation fees

Route: Berlin-Vienna

  • Seat: 5 euros

  • 6-bed couchette: 15 euros

  • 4-bed couchette: 21 euros

  • 3-person sleeper: 26 euros

  • Double sleeper: 39 euros

  • Single sleeper: 91 euros

Route: Berlin-Bratislava-Budapest

  • Seat: 5 euros

  • 6-bed couchette: 14 euros

  • 4-bed couchette: 17.5 euros

  • 3-person sleeper: 26 euros

  • Double sleeper: 39 euros

  • Single sleeper: 91 euros

Facilities and services

  • Air conditioning

  • Audio system

  • Coffee bar

  • Disabled facilities

  • Luggage racks

  • Power sockets

  • Snack trolley

Facilities may differ per train and route.

Operated by:
Logo of German railway DB Deutsche Bahn (DB)

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