Norway by train

The dazzling fjords and mountains of Norway offer the most spectacular views in Europe, and they’re all yours to discover on scenic train routes. Make your trip complete with a visit to these exciting towns and cities. Norway is the ideal destination for an adventurous European holiday.

Train types in Norway
Domestic connections in Norway
International connections to and from Norway
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Train types in Norway


Norway has an excellent network of comfortable trains, ready to transport you day and night. The Norwegian railways are operated by state-owned railway company NSB. Check the Eurail timetable to check times for trains in Norway.

Please keep in mind that Norwegian trains often do not have 1st class seats available.

Regional and intercity trains in Norway

The main rail network in Norway is made up of the following regional trains and intercity trains:

  • Lokal trains are 2nd class regional trains covering short distances. They operate on various routes, linking the larger cities with surrounding towns.

  • NSB Regiontog (InterCity) trains operate between the larger cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. These are very comfortable trains, running on many scenic routes, such as the Bergen Railway and the Rauma Railway. This train also covers the international route from Oslo to Gothenburg (Sweden).

  • SJ InterCity is a fast connection that connects Oslo with the Swedish capital of Stockholm. This train is operated by Swedish railway company SJ. 

  • Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana) is a scenic train that travels from mountain station Myrdal down to Flåm, 865 meters below, on the banks of the Sognefjord. Eurail pass holders will receive a 30% discount on this private railway, which offers some of Norway’s wildest and most magnificent scenery.


For the international Regiontog to Gothenburg and the SJ InterCity to Stockholm your pass only needs to be valid in either Norway or Sweden.

Night trains in Norway 

Domestic night trains in Norway Map with night train routes in Norway

  •  NSB Regiontog night trains run from capital city Oslo to Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim, and from Trondheim to Bodø. Relax in one of the cosy sleeping compartments on this train and wake up to see all new and inspiring scenery.


Reservations for the NSB Regiontog night train are compulsory. You can collect the key to your sleeping compartment in the on-board cafeteria (Meny Kafé).

Private railway companies in Norway

  • Flytoget is an airport express train that takes you from Oslo Airport (Gardermoen) to Oslo Central Station. This train is not covered by your Eurail pass, which is why we recommend taking a regional train into the city.


Bus service in Norway

  • Veøy Buss is a bus service that runs on the route Åndalsnes – Molde. Eurail pass holders get a 50% discount on tickets, which can be purchased on the bus.

Domestic connections in Norway

Map with popular connections in Norway

Map with popular connections in Norway

View approximate train travel times between the most important cities in Norway with regional trains.

From / To Regional train

Oslo - Bergen


Oslo - Stavanger

7h 45 min

Oslo - Trondheim

6h 40 min


International connections from and to Norway


We suggest the following routes to travel between Norway and other European countries:

  • Norway - Sweden
    Use the Swedish SJ InterCity to travel from Oslo to Stockholm (6 hours) or take the NSB Regiontog between Oslo and Gothenburg (4 hours).

  • Norway - Denmark
    Travel with a discounted ferry from Bergen, Stavanger or Kristiansand to Hirtshals in Denmark. Or take the NSB Regiontog to Gothenburg (Sweden) and step on a direct train to Copenhagen.

Reservations for trains in Norway


It is highly recommended to make reservations for the NSB Regiontog day trains. These reservations can be booked through our Reservation Service, at a train station in Norway, or by calling the NSB call center (no reservation fee for 1st class pass holders). For the NSB Regiontog night trains and the InterCity train between Oslo and Stockholm, a reservation is compulsory. When traveling on a night train, the prices depend on the sleeping accommodation of your choosing.


All trains in Norway

Train name Train Type Timetable abbreviation Reservation type
Lokal Regional - None
NSB Regiontog Regional REG Recommended
NSB Regiontog (night) Night train - Recommended
Flåm Railway Scenic train - Optional
SJ InterCity International IC Mandatory
Flytoget Airport train - Not included in your Eurail pass



How to make reservations for trains in Norway

You can make reservations for the domestic and international NSB Regiontog day and night trains, as well as the international InterCity:

  • Through our Reservation Service.

  • At a ticket desk or self-service machine at local train stations. The English-speaking NSB staff in Norway can help you with any issues you might have.

  • By phone through the NSB call center (+47 815 00 888).


The NSB call center has English speaking staff (select ‘9’ in the menu) and is open on weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on weekends from 9 AM to 3 PM. You can pay by credit card or pay cash when you collect the reservations at a ticket machine at one of the train stations in Norway. When booking through the call center, you have to pick up the reservations at least 7 days before the departure of your train. You can book other Scandinavian trains by calling the NSB call center. There is a booking fee here of 50 NOK (6.50 euros). At ticket offices in the larger train stations, you can book trains for other European countries.


Find out more about reservations.

Rail passes for Norway

Map with example route in Norway

Map with example route in Norway

The Eurail Norway Pass lets you see all of Norway's top cities like Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim and leads you through breath-taking landscapes. We offer Norway rail passes that combine Norway with other European countries.

  • Eurail Global Pass starting from USD$ 336 – have the freedom to visit Norway and up to 27 other European countries.

  • Eurail Select Pass starting from USD$ 188 – combine Norway with 2 or 3 bordering countries.

  • Eurail Scandinavia Pass starting from USD$ 228 - explore Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland with one Eurail pass.

  • Eurail Norway Pass starting from USD$ 170 - spend all your time discovering Norway's spectacular scenery.


Example train route in Norway

Visit Norway’s most popular cities and amazing landscapes on a single trip with Eurail. You can follow the suggested route below using a Eurail Norway Pass - 3 days within a month, starting from USD$ 170.


1. Stavanger

Stavanger is a lively city and the perfect place to start exploring the majestic Norwegian fjords, before taking a discounted ferry up to Bergen.


2. Bergen

Bergen is one of the gems of Norway, an old and charming town, tucked in between the sea and the mountains – take the cable car up Mount Fløyen for an amazing view.


3. Myrdal/Flåm

Myrdal and Flåm are connected by the scenic Flåm Railway, offering some of Norway’s most dramatic scenery. Take an early train from Bergen, spend half your day gazing at mountain views and mighty waterfalls, and then use that same travel day to continue from Myrdal to Oslo.


4. Oslo

Oslo is Norway’s chilled out and colourful capital, offering a number of great museums within the city and plenty of outdoor activities around it.


5. Trondheim

Trondheim has much to offer in terms of culture and Viking history, but is also known to host many great festivals during summer.


For more route ideas for your Eurail trip, check out our European highlights itinerary.

Places to visit in Norway

Old town, Fredrikstad
Old town, Fredrikstad

Gamlebyen, the Old Town (Fredrikstad)

One of Norway´s most popular attractions, the old town (Gamlebyen) in Fredrikstad is the best-preserved fortress town in all of Scandinavia. Breathtaking and dynamic, the area boasts cobblestone streets, centuries-old buildings, quaint shops, the Fredrikstad City Museum, and a spectacular Saturday morning flea market. Spend a day walking back through time to 17th century simplicity and beauty.

Fredrikstad is about 1 ½ hours by train from Oslo.

Wooden houses in Bergen
Wooden houses in Bergen

Natural beauty in Bergen

The train ride from Oslo to Bergen has been called the most beautiful in the world. Mountains, lakes, rivers and forests await you along the way. In Bergen, there’s plenty to do. The famous Bryggen wooden wharf houses celebrate 900 years of Norwegian tradition. Ride the Funicular Cable Car, and soar to the top of Mount Floyen, 1,050 feet above sea level. Love fresh seafood? The lower station is just steps from the fish market.

From Bergen station (Bergen Stasjon), the lower station of the Funicular Cable Car is a 10-minute walk.

Nothern lights near Skibon
Nothern lights near Skibon

Say hello to Aurora Borealis

Get front row seats to the Northern Lights. The best months to witness this breathtaking natural event are October, February and March. But the Lights are ever-changing, so it’s worth checking into the possibilities whenever you plan to visit Norway. Specific weather conditions are also a factor. (The Lights are best visible in the very northern parts of Norway, such as Narvik, Bodø, Tromsø and Finnmark).

Bodø is the northern end of the Norwegian State Railways.

The Flam Railway crossing the mountains
The Flam Railway crossing the mountains

Steepest railway line in the world in Flåm

Some very skillful engineering created the rail path from Flåm to Myrdal. This is one of Norway’s most popular attractions and also boasts magnificent natural scenery. The steepest inclines for any railroad (at some points, up to a 55% gradient), plus narrow paths that pass into and out of the mountainside, waterfalls and wildlife make this journey truly unique. Your 40-minute train ride will provide memories that last a lifetime.

You can travel from Bergen to Flåm in about 3 hours, and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery – mountains, fjords and forests – along the way.

The Royal Palace, Oslo
The Royal Palace, Oslo

The cultural mix in Oslo

Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city, is a mecca of international activities, music, art, culture, science and history. From the unusual, like the Fire Museum (Brannmuseet i Oslo), to the historical Aker Brygge Wharf and the Royal Palace. Oslo will suit your style, no matter what that is. Spend some time listening to the local music and enjoy the hearty cuisine before venturing away from the city into the majestic fjords and stunning nature.

Step off the train at Oslo’s station Nationaltheatret, and the royal palace grounds will be directly in front of you.

Events in Norway

Nordic World Ski Championship in Holmenkollen, Oslo
Nordic World Ski Championship in Holmenkollen, Oslo

Holmenkollen Ski Festival

March 10 - March 12, 2017

Every year, more than a million spectators come out to see the 4-day event, which features competitions in ski jump, cross country, and combined events.

From Oslo Central station take metro 1 to Holmenkollen.

Constitution Day, Oslo
Constitution Day, Oslo

Constitution Day

May 17, 2017

Oslo’s citizens do traditional garb and fill the streets, gathering at the Royal Palace for celebration and merry-making to honor the country’s constitution.

The Royal Palace is a 20-minute walk from Oslo’s Central station.

Norwegian Wood Rock Festival, Oslo
Norwegian Wood Rock Festival, Oslo

Norwegian Wood

June 15 - June 17, 2017

This small music festival in Oslo has an impressive line-up of classic rock acts and Norwegian bands playing at a festival for the first time. The festival takes place at a public open-air bath, so you can go for a swim during the concerts!

The festival site can be reached by tram 12, bus 20 (stop Frogner stadion or Vigelandsparken) or by metro (stop Majorstuen) from Oslo's main train station.

Oslo Jazz Festival
Oslo Jazz Festival

Oslo jazz festival

August 12 - August 19, 2017

Oslo’s 6-day jazz festival offers an eclectic mix of jazz sounds. The event includes colorful jazz parades through the city.

The jazz festival is held at locations around Oslo.

Øya Festival, Oslo
Øya Festival, Oslo

Øya Festival

August 8 - August 12, 2017

This popular 5-day summer festival is Oslo’s largest and offers an excellent selection of international and local acts across 4 stages.

The festival is located in Medieval Park in Gamlebyen, just a 10-minute walk from Oslo’s main train station.

Pass benefits in Norway

The Flåm Railway in summer

The Flåm Railway in summer

The Flåm Railway

Eurail pass holders get a 30% discount on this scenic train route between mountain station Myrdal and picturesque Flåm, located at the banks of the Aurlandsfjord.


Ferry travel between Norway and Denmark

Eurail pass holders get a 10 to 20% discount on Fjord Line ferries, connecting many Norwegian cities to Hirtshals in Denmark.


See all the pass benefits for Norway.

More about Norway

Train station in Norway

Train station in Norway

Quick facts

  • Capital: Oslo

  • Population: 5 million

  • Language: Norwegian

  • Currency: Norwegian Krone (NOK)

  • Dialing code: +47

Norwegian hub stations

Norway’s main hub is Oslo Central Station, known simply as Oslo S. From here, it is possible to connect to Norway’s main cities and some international destinations as well.


Station facilities

Stations in Norway usually have excellent facilities, often including:

  • Luggage lockers

  • Foreign exchange desks

  • Restaurants and cafés

  • Tourist information offices

  • ATM cash machines

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Access for disabled passengers


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