Bernina Express scenic train

Bernina Express crossing bridge

The Bernina Express is a breathtaking train ride through the snow-capped mountain scenery of Switzerland. Take in views of dynamic glaciers, alpine lakes and rolling countryside.

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Bernina Express in mountains

Bernina Express in mountains

Bernina Express crossing Tirano

Bernina Express crossing Tirano

Bernina Express crossing snow capped mountains

Bernina Express crossing snow capped mountains

Bernina Express bus

Bernina Express bus

Bernina Express scenic train route


The Bernina Express takes you from Chur, Davos or St.Moritz across the stunning Swiss Alps to Tirano (Italy). In summer you can take a bus from Tirano to Lugano (Switzerland). The entire route is packed with breathtaking scenery and part of it is even listed as UNESCO world heritage.

Map with route of Bernina Express
The Bernina Express operates on the following route:
  • Chur - Tirano

    via Samedan - Pontresina



Reservation: optional

When a reservation is optional you are able to reserve a seat in advance, but it isn't mandatory. For long journeys and during busy times, we still recommend you make an advance reservation.

Reservations for the Bernina Express are mandatory for the special panorama train. A regional train also operates on this route and is fully included in your Eurail pass.

The connecting bus between Tirano and Lugano, which operates during the summer, requires an additional reservation. Prices are listed below.

How to make reservations on Bernina Express trains

You can reserve your seat on Bernina Express trains in the following ways:

  • Online on the Bernina Express website:
    When filling in your passenger details you will see a drop-down box called "Tickets/Reductions". Simply select "Eurail" from the options and you will only pay for your seat reservation(s). You'll receive them by email.

  • At the train station. Keep in mind that trains can become full during busy times.

Reservation fees

Bernina Express train

  • Seat: 10 euros

Connecting bus between Tirano and Lugano (summer only)

  • Seat: 13 euros

Facilities and services

  • Audio system

  • Shops

  • Shower/WC

  • Snack trolley

Facilities may differ per train and route.

Operated by:
Bernina Express logo Bernina Express

RhB logo RhB

Additional information


Conditions for Eurail pass holders

Eurail passes are valid on the entire Bernina Express journey. Seat reservations are compulsory only for the special panorama train and bus from Tirano to Lugano (these are 2 seperate reservations). The price for a train reservation is 10 euros (12 CHF). The regional train that operates on this route is included in your pass. Eurail pass holders must have a pass valid for Switzerland. Although the Bernina Express partly runs through Italy, a pass for Italy is not required.


You can find more information about summer and winter schedules and fares at the Bernina Express website.


Special features

The Bernina Express offers breathtaking views from the beautiful 1st and 2nd class panorama cars. The train climbs up to the 2253 m high Bernina pass without the help of a rack-and-pinion mechanism. The entire trip is narrated. In summer, an optional bus connects Tirano (Italy) to Lugano.

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