Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts on certain Eurail passes for child, youth and senior travelers, as well as for groups.

Youth discount

Travelers 25 years and under get 35% off adult prices (2nd class only).  Read more about youth discounts.

There is no discount specifically for students, but any student under 26 can use the discounted youth pass.

Child discount

Children save 50% on adult prices and under 4 years travel for FREE.  Read more about child discounts.

Senior discount

Travelers 60 and over get 10% discount on these passes:

Group discount (Saver Pass)

Groups of 2-5 travelers can travel on a single discounted pass. Adults save 15% and children get 50% off. Read more about the Saver Pass.

Families can save by ordering a Saver Pass.

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