Orders and refunds

Check our frequently asked questions about an existing order or refund. If your question isn't answered here, contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Order status and account

  • Should I receive a confirmation of my order?  

    You will receive 3 confirmation emails after you've ordered your Eurail pass: an order, payment and shipping confirmation.

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  • How can I check the status of my order?  

    You can check the current status of your order in your Eurail.com account. You can also change your personal details, shipping details and traveler names provided your passes have not yet been printed. Your order confirmation email contains the login details for your account.

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Refunds and exchanges

  • Can I change the name on my pass? 

    Sometimes your travel companions change after you’ve made an order. If your Eurail pass has already been printed, you will have to exchange your pass for another one with the new name.

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  • Is it possible to extend my Eurail pass? 

    No, we can't extend or upgrade your existing Eurail pass with extra travel days or country validity. If your travel plans have changed, you can exchange your Eurail pass for a different pass. It only costs €15 to make changes to your pass. 

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  • Can I return my pass for a refund? 

    If your plans change and you can no longer go on your European rail trip, you're entitled to an 85% refund as per our booking terms, provided that your pass is still unused and it has not been activated.

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  • Can I exchange my Select Pass ordered before April 1 for a new 4 country Select Pass with France? 

    We will happily exchange your pass for free. We want everyone to have the journey of a lifetime, and will gladly help make sure that happens.

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Various questions

  • What should I do if I lose my Eurail pass? 

    If you lose your Eurail pass or if it is stolen, you cannot get a new copy. This means you need to buy replacement train tickets to continue traveling. If you buy Pass Loss & Theft Coverage at the time of ordering your pass with Eurail.com, these extra travel costs are covered up to the remaining value of your pass.

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  • Can I contact Eurail.com by phone? 

    You can call our order support team for questions about existing orders, payments and refunds. The support phone number for your region can be found in your order confirmation email and invoice. Or email us your questions.

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  • How do I claim my free gift? 

    Eurail.Com's parent company, Eurail Group G.I.E. would love to know where you traveled on your Eurail trip. Once you've completed your Eurail trip, return your travel report and get a free gift as a thank you!

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  • Can I get compensation for train delays?  

    You can apply for financial compensation for train delays, if you have experienced 3 or more delays of over 60 minutes each (in EU-member states). Find more information on the Eurail Group GIE website, as well as a compensation request form.

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