Can I book hotels and hostels at

Yes, you can book accommodation at through our trusted partners.


You can book accommodation with our partners at Airbnb - an online community where locals rent out their places to travelers.

Hotel bookings

You can book European hotels through our partner – the hotel search engine that lets you make a quick and easy search across the best hotel deals from all major travel websites.

Hostel bookings

You can book European hostels with our partner Hostelworld – the world's number one hostel booking site.

Hotel discounts for pass holders

Eurail pass holders can also get exclusive discounts on certain hotels in Europe, including:

  • 10% discount on the Meininger hostel in Vienna.

  • 10% discount on HUSA-Hotels in Brussels (Bruxelles) and Liège (Luik).

  • 10% discount on Meininger hostels in Berlin, Munich (München), Cologne (Köln) and Hamburg.

  • 10% discount on more than 100 HUSA-hotels.

To get these discounts you must book directly with the individual hotel. For more details about these discounts go to the extra benefits per country.

Read more about accommodation options in Europe.

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