Guide to Eurail train reservations

Your Eurail pass gives you access to most of Europe's trains, but it's good to know that some trains need to be reserved in advance. The costs of a reservation are not included in your pass. This guide will tell you all about reservations, how to book them and why you should reserve your seat well in time. Watch our helpful videos to find out everything you need to know about reservations.

The video below will show you what a reservation is and why you may need one.

Traveling by train with a Eurail pass is by far one of the easiest, most comfortable and exciting ways to discover Europe. Your pass gives you access to most trains in Europe, but it’s good to know that some trains may need to be reserved in advance. For an additional fee, a reservation gives you a guaranteed seat on a train. Some trains can get busy, so if you want to be sure of a seat, a reservation is the perfect way to do this. For some trains in Europe, a reservation is mandatory, meaning you need it to board the train. This includes high-speed and night trains, and many trains in France, Italy & Spain. If you have any questions, we’re here to help. 

Want to find out more about reservations? Choose one of the questions below and let us give you the answer.

Do I need a reservation?


Learn when you need to book a reservation for your trip. We explain how to use the timetable to find out if your train needs to be reserved. We also explain the different reservation types.

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How do I book my reservations?


There are a number of ways to book your reservations for your Eurail trip, depending on train type, the amount of time until your trip starts, and whether you're already in Europe.

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Can I avoid trains with reservations?


If you want to avoid extra costs or the train you want to reserve is full, you can often look up alternative ways to reach your destination, with trains that don't need to be reserved.

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Important: Reservations on French trains


Limited seats on French trains

On most French trains there's a limited number of seats available for Eurail pass holders to reserve. Make your reservations for these trains as soon as possible. If you wait until you arrive in Europe, these trains will be full.

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Alternative routes for French trains

If you want to travel on a French train with limited seats, but find that it's full, or if you want to simply avoid these trains, there's often an alternative way to make your journey. We've come up with alternative routes between popular destinations.

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Fees and seat options


Reservations fees

View the reservation fees for domestic, international and night trains. Night train fees are for the choice of seat or sleeping accommodation you choose.

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Seat and sleeping options

The fee for your reservation will depend on the type of seat or sleeping accommodation choice you make. Find out about the different options you have.

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Reservations FAQ

  • Are reservations included in my pass? 

    No, reservations are not included in your Eurail pass. Train reservations are required on most high-speed and all night trains. It's often possible to avoid reservations by taking regional trains instead.

    Read our reservation guide for more information or book your reservations with us.

  • Can I make my reservations when I get to Europe? 

    Most high-speed and night trains require a reservation well in advance. This is especially true for popular countries such as France and Italy. If you don't want to risk being without a seat or a bed, we recommend you book these trains before you go to Europe.

  • How far in advance can I make my reservations? 

    You can make reservations for most high-speed and night trains up to 3 months in advance.

    Check our specific train pages for more information.

  • Can the reservation tickets be emailed to me?  

    No, like your Eurail pass the reservation tickets are only available as paper documents, which we send to you by registered mail. It is not possible to print the tickets yourself or to have them mailed to you.

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