How do I book my reservations?

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There are a number of ways to reserve your seats on European trains. The best way to make your reservations depends on the type of train you are taking, how much time you have until you start your trip, and whether you are already in Europe. 

Do you plan to travel in France? Keep in mind that many French trains have a limited number of seats available to Eurail pass holders. It’s best to reserve these trains up to 2 months in advance to be sure of getting a seat. Read more about limited seats on French trains

Below are your options. Please keep in mind that train reservations are non-changeable and non-refundable. It's also good to remember that 1st class seats on European trains are subject to availability. This means that a 1st class Eurail pass is not always a guarantee for a 1st class seat.

Through our reservation service
By phone
At the train station Reservation Service

  • Reservation period: from 3 months to 8 days before departure to Europe

  • Delivered to you within 1-4 business days by registered mail


Did you order your Eurail pass with us? If you did, you can make use of the Reservation Service. We know reservations can be a hassle, so let us help you with them. Our reservations team will do their best to get you on the train of your choice. Our reservation system allows us to reserve 95% of European trains.


Here’s how it works: Once you’ve ordered your Eurail pass and decided your route through Europe, use our timetable to check if any of your trains need to be reserved. Use the booking form to fill in the details of the trains you want to reserve and we’ll take care of checking availability and making the reservation(s) for you.


The Reservation Service costs 8 euros per train regardless of how many people you are booking for. In addition you pay for a reservation fee per person, per train. See the full list of reservation fees. We’ll post your reservations to you free of charge using registered delivery. You’ll have your reservation tickets in your hands 1-4 days after making payment.


Find out how to book your reservations with us

By phone

  • Booking period: from 3 months to 1 week before departure

  • Delivered to you within 5 business days by post


The Deutsche Bahn Booking Center operated by the German railways,  can make reservations for most of Europe’s trains. Here’s how it works: You can call the Deutsche Bahn booking center on: +49 1806 996 633 (open 24/7). When you call, you’ll hear a German menu. Select extension ‘9’ for an English menu, then ‘1’ for train information and bookings.


The reservation service is free and you only pay for the reservation fee per person, per train. The cost to deliver your reservations is 3.50 euros to all countries. You can also pick up your reservations at a larger German train station. Just take your order number to a ticket window or a self-service machine at the station.


Lines can be busy during evenings (CET) and at weekends so you may have to wait a while to get through. Mention that you will travel with a Eurail pass, so that you only pay the reservation fee and not the full fare. 


  • Booking period: from 3 months to 1 week before departure

  • Print your reservation e-tickets straight away


The railway companies in several countries allow you to make your reservations online and then simply print them out as e-tickets. Below you can find out how to make reservations for the countries where this is possible:



At the train station

  • Booking period : from 3 months to 1 hour before departure

  • Receive your reservation tickets straight away


Another option is to make your reservations at the station when you get to Europe. We recommend reserving your trains as far in advance as you can (up to 90 days is possible).


At the station, you can make reservations at the international ticket desk, using a self-service machine or  at a Eurail aid office, depending on which services are offered in that station. You can pay by cash or credit card. In theory, you can reserve up to 1 hour before departure time, but of course, the later you leave it, the more chance the train will be full.


Keep in mind:

  • Popular trains may already be fully booked by the time you arrive in Europe. 

  • At train stations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reservations for Eurail pass holders is not possible.

  • In Spain and Belgium, reservations can only be made for trains that arrive or depart in those countries. In some other countries you may find that it isn’t possible to make a reservation for another country.

  • Stations in some countries only allow you to make a limited number of reservations at a time, for example in the Netherlands a maximum of two is possible.

  • In some countries a booking fee is charged, for example stations in the Netherlands charge 10 Euros per booking, though in most countries the fee is less or free of charge. 

Through other sales agents

You can make advance reservations for seats on major European trains through various sales agents.

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