Limited seats on French trains

France is one of the most popular countries in Europe. It's also a country where there are limited seats for Eurail pass holders on many trains. Because of this, it's important to make your reservations as early as possible and avoid fully-booked trains. Most French high-speed trains and night trains can be reserved up to 2 months in advance.

Trains with limited seats for Eurail pass holders
How to find French trains that don't require a reservation

The video below tells you more about train travel in France and making reservations.

When you travel with Eurail your pass gives you access to most trains in Europe but it's good to know that the majority of trains in France need to be reserved in advance. As many of the popular routes in France get busy and because there are limited seats on international French trains for Eurail pass holders, we recommend making your reservations as early as possible. You can make your reservations either at the train station or if you bought your Pass from you can head to our website and let our reservations team take care of them for your. If you have any questions, we're here to help.

Read on to learn more about trains with limited seats and how to find find alternatives.

Trains with limited seats for Eurail pass holders


It’s good to know that the number of seats available for Eurail pass holders is limited on the following trains:

We highly recommend you reserve these trains as soon as possible. If you leave booking these reservations too late, there’s a big chance the allocation of seats to Eurail pass holders will be full. Reservations on the above trains can be made up to 2 months in advance.

How to find French trains that don't require a reservation?


You may find that the train you want to take is fully booked for Eurail pass holders, or you may want to avoid having to pay the additional reservation fees. In these cases, we would advise you to plan your trip making use of regional trains that don’t require a reservation. Usually this means you need to change trains more often and that the journey will take longer, but it also gives you the chance to see more of the beautiful French countryside. It’s not always possible to avoid trains with reservations, but it’s always worth checking!

If the French train you want to take is full or if you prefer to avoid these trains, check out our suggested alternative routes for the 10 most popular routes with French trains.

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