Reservation fees

European high-speed and night trains often require an advance reservation. By making a reservation you'll get a guaranteed seat or a bed on the train of your choice - meaning you can travel in extra comfort! Below you'll find the reservation fees for European trains. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive and can be subject to change.

You can make reservations up to 8 days before your train's departure. However, we want to do our best to guarantee a seat for you, especially during peak periods (April-August and December). Therefore we advise you to make your train reservations 2 months in advance, so you can take the journeys you look forward too!

Eurail train reservation fees


Domestic trains

  • Travel within 1 country

  • Reservations sometimes required

  • Price range: 0-25 euros

  • Average price: 6 euros

See fees per country

International trains

  • Travel in multiple countries

  • Reservations often required

  • Price range: 3-132 euros

  • Average price: 15 euros

See fees per train

Night trains

  • Travel while sleeping

  • Reservations required

  • Price range: 15-155 euros

  • Average price: 20 euros

See fees per night train

Why some trains have high reservation fees

Traveling Europe in great comfort

Traveling Europe in great comfort

Some European trains offer exceptional comfort. Reservation fees for these trains are usually higher, because their services can be compared to that of an airplane. They often include:

  • Free WiFi on the train

  • Comfortable chairs with lots of leg space

  • Individual power sockets

  • On-board bar and restaurant

  • Meals being served at your seat in 1st class Reservation Service


Did you order your Eurail Pass with us? If you did, you can make use of the Reservation Service. Our team will handle your reservations for you and do their best to get you on the train of your choice. Our reservation system allows us to reserve 95% of European trains. Reservation Service


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