Reservation fees

European high-speed and night trains often require an advance reservation. By making a reservation you can ensure yourself of having a seat or a bed on the train of your choosing. For most of the high-speed trains, there is only a small reservation fee. With night trains, the reservation fee depends upon the sleeping accommodation you select. Usually, you can choose between a reclining seat, a shared compartment (couchette) or a private compartment (sleeper).

Below you will find the reservation fees for European trains. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive.

We advise you to make your train reservations 2 months in advance.

Eurail train reservation fees


Domestic trains

Some domestic trains within certain countries need to be reserved in advance. Usually this applies to premium high-speed trains that offer a faster service than the regional trains that don't usually need a reservation.

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International trains

Certain international trains that operate between different European countries need to be reserved in advance. These are often modern, high-speed trains that offer extra comfort for long-distance journeys.

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Night trains

All night trains need to be reserved in advance. The reservation ticket is for the accommodation you choose. Most night trains offer a range of options to suit all budgets and preferences.

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Did you order your Eurail pass with us? If you did, you can make use of the Reservation Service. We know reservations can be a hassle, so let us help you with them. Our team will do their best to get you on the train of your choice. Our reservation system allows us to reserve 95% of European trains.

The Reservation Service booking fee is 8 euros per train regardless of how many seats you book on that train.* In addition to this, you pay a fixed reservation fee per person, per train. See the full list of reservation fees in the block above. We’ll mail your reservations to you free of charge using registered delivery.

*Reservations for domestic Italian day trains are sold as e-tickets. The booking fee for these trains is only 6 euros per train.

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