Reservation fees

European high-speed and night trains often require an advance reservation. By making a reservation you can ensure yourself of having a seat or a bed on the train of your choosing. For most of the high-speed trains, there is only a small reservation fee. With night trains, the reservation fee depends upon the sleeping accommodation you select. Usually, you can choose between a reclining seat, a shared compartment (couchette) or a private compartment (sleeper).

Below you will find the reservation fees for European trains.

Eurail train reservation fees


Domestic trains

Some domestic trains within certain countries need to be reserved in advance. Usually this applies to premium high-speed trains that offer a faster service than the regional trains that don't usually need a reservation.

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International trains

Certain international trains that operate between different European countries need to be reserved in advance. These are often modern, high-speed trains that offer extra comfort for long-distance journeys.

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Night trains

All night trains need to be reserved in advance. The reservation ticket is for the accommodation you choose. Most night trains offer a range of options to suit all budgets and preferences.

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