Berlin to Prague by train

The vibrant German capital of Berlin is only a short trip away from the historical centre of Prague, in the heart of the Czech Republic. Take a direct train and find yourself in completely new surroundings in less than 5 hours. You can also choose to travel by night, falling asleep with a view of the Reichstag and waking up to see the splendour of the Prague Castle.

You have the following train options for this route:

  • Eurocity: approx. 4hr 40min. Reservation mandatory

  • EuroNight Metropol: approx. 5hr. Reservation mandatory

  • Regional train: 8hr

From Berlin to Prague

Map with route between Berlin and Prague

Travel time: 4h40

Transfer: 0

Reservation needed:

Please note that the travel time and reservation information is based upon the fastest train option.

  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin Hbf

    Luggage racks / ATM / Currency exchange / Tourist information
  • 4h40
  • Prague, the Czech Republic

    Praha hl.n.

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