Train travel options between Spain and Italy

Spain and Italy are two of Europe's most visited countries, and with good reason. These countries both offer impressive cities, splendid coastlines and delicious food. On this page we will help you find your way from Spain to Italy, and the other way around.

When traveling between Spain and Italy by rail, you will always have to pass through France. Therefore, you should make sure that your Eurail Pass is valid in France. If your pass is not valid in France you must remember to buy a separate ticket for this part of the journey.

From Barcelona to Milan

Map with route between Barcelona-Milan

Travel time: 10h45

Transfer: 2

Reservation needed:

This fast route takes you from Barcelona to Milan in under 9 hours. You will travel most of the way by TGV high-speed train, carrying you smoothly through the Spanish, French and Italian landscape.

The TGV has limited seating for Eurail pass holders, so make sure to reserve your seat well in time. You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona Sants

  • 4h40
  • Valance, France

    Gare de Valence 

  • 1h55
  • Chambéry, France


  • 4h10
  • Milan, Italy

    Milano Porta Garibaldi

From Barcelona to Ventimiglia

Map with route between Barcelona-Ventimiglia

Travel time: 12h25

Transfer: 4

If you have time on your hands and want to avoid reservations, we recommend you take this scenic route.

Travel by regional train along the stunning coastline of the French Mediterranean and find yourself in Ventimiglia, Italy by nightfall. And since you’re not in a hurry, you might want to take time to explore cities like Marseille and Nice along the way.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona Sants

  • 2h40
  • Cerbère, France


  • 3h45
  • Avignon, France

    Gare d’Avignon Centre

  • 2h35
  • Marseille, France

    Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles

  • 2h35
  • Nice, France


  • 50
  • Ventimiglia, Italy


From Barcelona to Civitavecchia

Map with ferry route between Barcelona-Civitavecchia

Travel time: 20h30

Transfer: 0

Reservation needed:

Instead of traveling by train, you can also choose to travel by ferry from Spain to Italy. With your Eurail pass, you receive a discount of 20% on all ferry routes run by Grimaldi Lines. Discounted ferry prices vary from 20 euros in low season to 44 euros in high season. We recommend you take the ferry from Barcelona to Civitavecchia, just a 1 hour train ride away from Rome.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Port de Barcelona

  • 20h30
  • Civitavecchia, Italy


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