Terms and Conditions for train reservations

Our Terms and Conditions for train reservations define the conditions of your train reservation purchase on Eurail.com. You must agree to these conditions before completing your purchase.

Reservation service

  • The reservation service is only for customers who bought their rail pass from Eurail.com.

  • A reservation is a physical ticket that provides a seat or sleeping accommodation for a specific transportation service.

  • Reservations are made with the information provided to us via the booking reservation form. The customer is responsible for the completeness and correctness of this information.

  • We cannot assure you that every train can be reserved. We will always strive to find the best possible alternative.

  • Reservations can only be used on the specified service, date and time stated on the ticket.

  • Travel with a reservation made by Eurail.com is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the European rail, bus or other companies, firms, or persons concerned.

  • Payments are made in Euros only using PayPal. The shipping fee is €9 and handling fee is €2 per reserved train.

  • If the payment is not completed within 24 hours after receipt of the payment request, we cannot guarantee that the reserved trains will still be available.

Delivery of reservations

  • It is not possible to collect your reservations at a station or office. They can only be sent by post to a physical address.

  • Reservation tickets will be delivered up to 7 business days after receipt of the payment. If tickets have not been received within 7 days, please contact reservations@eurail.com.

Refund policy

  • Once payment is made, these reservations can only be refunded according to the refund policy described below.

  • Changes to reservations are not possible after payment.

  • Refunds are only offered on individual train reservations exceeding the value of €25 per person. The amount of the refund may differ per train type and is dependent on the rules of the railway companies. The refund will be processed through PayPal within 3 business days after return of the original ticket.

  • Unless reservation conditions specifically allow otherwise, cancelations can only be made prior to departure by sending an email to reservations@eurail.com.

  • The original reservation ticket is required  in order to process any refund.
             - Compensation requests for delays, strikes  and train cancelations must be made by sending an email to reservations@eurail.com. Where possible the original reservation tickets should be marked unused by train staff. When compensation applies, this does not include other consequences such as missed hotel reservations or flights.
             - Compensation requests for cancelation due to illness must be accompanied by a certified doctors note.


  • Travelers should be able to present both the original Eurail pass and reservation ticket to train staff. Copies are not accepted.

  • Travel insurance is recommended.

  • Travelers are responsible for ensuring that they have all necessary travel documents and visas.

  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Please note: Dutch law is applicable

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