Regional trains

regional train Austria

Regional trains run the length and breadth of Europe, connecting the main cities to the many towns and villages that lie in between. Travel through Europe on regional trains and get up close with local cultures, even during the train rides to your chosen destinations. Regional trains are the most common train type operating within Europe. 

Advantages of going by regional train


Here are some benefits to traveling with regional trains on your Eurail trip:

  • Experience the smaller off-the-beaten-track destinations that can only be reached by regional train.

  • Meet the locals going about their daily lives.

  • Avoid having to make and pay for a reservation as regional trains don't usually require them.

  • Missed your train? Hop on the next one as frequent services usually operate.

InterCity and EuroCity express trains


Express trains are faster than regional trains as they make fewer stops, but not as fast as high-speed trains. These are often called InterCity or EuroCity and usually appear as "IC" and "EC" in the Eurail timetable.

Reservations for regional trains


In most countries, reservations are not needed on regional trains, so if you're a Eurail pass holder you can simply hop on and off the train where and when you want. Seat reservations for InterCity and EuroCity trains are sometimes mandatory or recommended.



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