Trains in the Czech Republic

Train crossing a bridge, Czech Republic

ČD runs most of the railway network in the Czech Republic.

There are daily more than 7000 passenger train connections, from romantic small local trains to the prestigious EuroCity international network trains.

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Rail Network

Czech Railways or České dráhy or (CD or ČD) is the main railway operator of the Czech Republic.

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The train is a common means of transportation in the Czech Republic. Most Czech cities, towns and many villages have train stations. They are interconnected well enough to make train travel a convenient way of getting from one place to another. International train services to the Czech Republic run from most points in Europe, with direct connections from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary.


Map with main train connections in the Czech Republic


Categories of Czech trains from slow to fast:

  • Osobní (Os) – local train that stops everywhere (short: Os)

  • Spěšný (Sp) – local train, usually skips little villages (Sp)

  • Rychlík (R) – regional train, stops in major towns, commonly used for longer distances (R)

  • Expres (Ex) – faster regional train (Ex)

  • Intercity, Eurocity (IC, EC) – pretty modern longer distance train, stops in major cities only

  • Supercity (Pendolino) – fastest new trains, operates between biggest cities (compulsory reservation)


Prague is the main railway center. The most important train stations are:


  • Hlavní nádrazí (Main Station). The biggest station. It has ticket offices, a train information centre and a Prague information service.

  • Nádrazí Holesovice (Holesovice Station). This is usually the terminus for trains from Berlin and other destinations to the north.


Both are serviced by line C of the city metro system.


Railway service

International, long-distance domestic, regional and suburban and related services – sleepers and couchette coaches, dining cars, carriage of handicapped passengers, carriage of baggage, bicycles, and boats, trailer train.


Travel times

Average train travel times in hours between some popular domestic destinations:

  • Prague – Brno: 3 hours

  • Prague – Ostrava: 4 hours

  • Prague – Olomouc: 3 hours


Some international connections:

  • Prague – Berlin: 5 hours

  • Prague – Vienna: 4 hours

  • Prague – Warsaw: 8 hours 30 min

  • Prague – Budapest: 7 hours 30 min



Most domestic trains in the Czech Republic do not require seat reservations. Exceptions:

  • Intercity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains

  • SC SuperCity high-speed line

See the reservation fees for domestic trains. Reservations can be made at a train station or through the Czech railways eShop.


There are also some international trains to and from the Czech Republic that require a reservation fee, like the EuroCity to Vienna. See the reservation fees for international trains.


Extra info

Airport - station link

From Prague airport there are bus connections to Prague's public transport system or the Airport Express Bus to Prague's main station. Eurail Passes are not valid on the bus.


Eurail aid office in Czech Republic

For questions about Eurail, visit the international ticket office at Prague Liben station (Praha Liben). It is open daily from 06.00 – 20.50. See the page for more aid offices in Europe.


Spelling of cities of the Czech Republic

On Czech train timetables and at train stations in the Czech Republic, you'll usually find the local spelling of Czech cities and stations.


Here is the local spelling of some popular Czech cities:

  • Praha = Prague

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