Trains in Montenegro

Railway across Lake Skadar

The railway network in Montenegro is not the most extensive and modern one in Europe, but you can make a few nice journeys. The main railway destinations are the capital Podgorica and coastal city Bar.

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Rail Network

Eurail pass validity

The Eurail Global Pass and the Eurail Select Pass can be used for train travel in Montenegro. Montenegro and Serbia count together as 1 country in the Eurail Select Pass. These Eurail passes are valid on all domestic trains operated by the national railways of Montenegro.


Railway network

The Podgorica - Bar railway is the backbone of the Montenegrin railway system. It has features such as the Mala Rijeka viaduct (highest railway viaduct in the world) and the 6.2 km (38 mi) long Sozina tunnel. Logo of ZCG Montenegro


InterCity (IC) trains connect Podgorica and Bar. Local trains serve the other stations.


The main train routes in Montenegro are:

  • Bar – Podgorica – Belgrade (Serbia)

  • Podgorica – Nikšić

  • Podgorica – Skadar (Albania)


Map with main train connections in Montenegro


How to get there

Montenegro only has a direct rail connection with neighboring country Serbia. In Serbia it runs from Subotica through Novi Sad and Belgrade. In Montenegro the train goes through Bijelo Polje, Kolasin, Podgorica and ends in Bar.


Montenegro's main international airport is Podgorica airport. Another international airport is close to Tivat, Montenegro's coastal city.



Train types

  • InterCity trains (IC): reservation not required

  • Local trains: reservation not required


Reservations may be required for international and night trains.



Bikes are allowed on local trains and some international connections, upon purchase of a special bike ticket.

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