Trains in Spain

AVE train in scenic landscape

Travel through Spain by rail and see the best this country has to offer from the unspoilt beaches of the Costa Brava, past the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia and between traditional towns and cities.

Visit Spain's most popular cities Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville by regional, high-speed or night train and experience vibrant culture and top cuisine along the way.

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Train types in Spain
Reservations for trains in Spain
Domestic connections in Spain
International connections to and from Spain
Spain rail passes
Train stations in Spain
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Spelling of cities in Spain

Map with main train connections in Spain

Train types in Spain


There are various train types in Spain ready to transport you both day and night. Most of the Spanish railway network is operated by RENFE.Use the Eurail train timetable to check times for trains in Spain.


Regional and intercity trains in Spain Spanish regional train

The main rail network in Spain is made up of the following regional and intercity trains:

  • Media Distancia trains link regional destinations with larger cities. The network connects with long distance high-speed trains and the trains make frequent stops. 

  • Cercanías (suburban trains) is a network of trains that operates in and around the larger Spanish cities including Barcelona and Valencia.


On the Eurail timetable Media Distancia trains appear as "IR". Reservations are required for most of these trains. Cercanías trains do not appear in this timetable. Check the Renfe website for more information on departure times.

High-speed trains in Spain

International high-speed trains in Spain

These high-speed trains operate to and from Spain:

  • Renfe-SNCF en Cooperación high-speed trains connect Madrid and Barcelona with Paris (France). 

  • Internacional trains connect Vigo with Porto (Portugal).


Domestic high-speed trains in Spain AVE high-speed train at train station

Spain's extensive high-speed train network is operated by modern trains that offer you high quality service during your Eurail trip.


These high-speed trains operate within Spain:

  • Avant trains operate on short-distance routes. 

  • AVE trains reach speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph) and take you from Madrid to Barcelona in less than 3 hours.

  • Altaria trains link Madrid with cities in the south of Spain.

  • Alvia and Arco trains operate between Madrid and Spain's nothern cities like Bilbao and San Sebastian.

  • Euromed trains operate on the route Barcelona – Valencia – Alicante.


On the Eurail timetable high-speed trains appear as "IC", "ATR-Altaria", "AVE", "A" or "EM". These trains always require a reservation.

Night trains in Spain Map with night train routes in Spain

International night trains in Spain

The following night trains connect Spain with France, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland:

  • InterCités de Nuit:
    Portbou – Toulouse – Paris (France)
    Portbou – Montpellier – Nancy – Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
    Portbou – Montpellier – Strasbourg (France)
    Irún – Lourdes – Paris (France) 
    Irún – Bordeaux – Marseille – Nice (France)
    Irún – Toulouse – Lyon – Geneva (Switzerland)

  • Trenhotel:
    Madrid – Lisbon (Portugal)
    Irún – Lisbon (Portugal)


Domestic night trains in Spain

  • Estrella trains connect major Spanish cities by night:
    Madrid – Barcelona  – Portbou
    Bilbao – Malaga

  • Trenhotel trains link the north of Spain with Barcelona and capital city Madrid:
    A Coruna – Barcelona 
    A Coruna – Madrid 


Sud Expresso trains appear on the Eurail timetable as "310", Lusitania as "335" and InterCités de Nuit as "NZ". You're required to book sleeping accommodation in advance.

Reservations for trains in Spain


Many Spanish trains require an advance reservation, including domestic and international high-speed trains and night trains (prices depend on your chosen sleeping accommodation or seat type). You can make reservations up to 3 months in advance.


Please note that the number of seats available for Eurail pass holders is limited on InterCitè de Nuit trains. We advise you to reserve these trains as soon as possible during peak season (May to September) and public holidays.


How to make reservations for Spanish trains

You can make reservations for domestic and international high-speed trains and night trains:

  • At a ticket desk or self-service machine at local train stations.

  • By phone through the RENFE Call Center.
    Phone number: +34 902 320 320
    Opening hours: 24/7

The RENFE call center has Spanish speaking staff. However, you can ask to be put through with an English speaking agent. You can pick up your reservations at all Spanish high-speed train stations. Just take your order number to a ticket window within 72 hours. You can pay for the reservations when collecting them at the station.

RENFE does not deliver reservations to your address.


Find out more about reservations

Domestic connections in Spain

Map with popular connections in Spain

View approximate train travel times between Spain's key cities with high-speed trains and regional trains.

From To

High-speed train

Regional train




9hr 20min



5hr 30min




7hr 30min




2hr 30min




4hr 30min




2hr 30min

16hr 50min


Santiago de Compostela

6hr 30min

28hr 40min

International train connections to and from Spain


We suggest the following routes to travel between Spain and other European countries:

  • France – Spain
    There is a direct train connection between Barcelona and Paris (6hr 25 min).

  • Portugal – Spain
    Take a regional train to travel from Vigo to Porto (3hr 30min).


International ferry connections to and from Spain

You can also travel between Spain, Italy and Morocco by ferry with Grimaldi Lines ferries. Get a 20% discount on the following routes:

  • Barcelona – Civitavecchia (Italy)

  • Barcelona – Livorno (Italy)

  • Barcelona – Porto Torres (Italy)

  • Barcelona – Tangier (Morocco)

Spain rail passes


Eurail Spain passes let you explore all of Spain's beautiful cities like Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Sevilla and Valencia. We offer various Eurail passes that combine Spain with other European countries.


Rail pass options for Spain

  • Eurail Global Pass starting from USD$ 353 – have the freedom to visit Spain and up to 27 other Eurail countries.

  • Eurail Select Pass starting from USD$ 135 – this is a 4 country pass that combines Spain with Portugal and/or Italy.

  • Regional Pass – focus on visiting Spain plus 1 other country. Here are your options:
    Eurail France-Spain Pass starting from USD$ 0 – visit popular French cities like Paris, Lyons and Nice. 
    Eurail Italy-Spain Pass starting from USD$ 0 – explore historical sites in Florence, Rome and Venice.
    Eurail Portugal-Spain Pass starting from USD$ 0 – get to know Portugal's top cities like Lisbon and Porto.

  • Eurail Spain Pass starting from USD$ 0   – spend your whole vacation to discover Spain by rail.


Example train route in Spain

Visit Spain's most popular cities on a single trip with Eurail. You can follow the suggested route below using a Eurail Spain Pass - 8 days within 2 months, starting from USD$ 0.


1. Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain’s most cosmopolitan city offering surrealist architecture from Gaudí and entertainment galore.


2. Valencia

Valencia offers a charming old town, pleasant beaches and of course, the best paella Spain has to offer.


3. Granada

Granada is spellbinding thanks to the allure of the Alhambra set before the mountainous backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.


4. Seville

Seville – wander the winding cobbled streets of the Andalusian capital and include visits to Seville Cathedral and the Alcázar.


5. Madrid

Madrid has plenty to offer – get lost at the Rastro flea market, explore the Prado Museum and soak up the lively atmosphere of Chueca.


6. Toledo

Toledo is a stone’s throw from the capital and offers a rich history with churches, synagogues and mosques stood side by side.


7. Salamanca

Salamanca is buzzing with a student atmosphere and dressed up in beautiful traditional architecture.


8. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela – is filled with Medieval charm and is the finishing point for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago.


9. San Sebastian

San Sebastian proudly boasts some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches – ideal for sunbathers and surfers alike.



For more route ideas for your Eurail trip, check out our European highlights itinerary.

Map with example route in Spain

Train stations in Spain

People sitting on a terrace at Atocha Railway Station in Madrid, Spain.

Spanish hub stations

Spain's main hub stations are Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Barcelona Sants, Irun and Portbou. At these train stations, it's possible to connect to trains to Spain's main cities and many international destinations.


Station facilities

Stations in Spain usually have excellent facilities, often including:

  • Luggage lockers

  • Foreign exchange desks

  • Restaurants and cafés

  • Tourist information offices

  • ATM cash machines

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Access for disabled passengers

Pass benefits for Spain

Woman on deck of a ferry, Spain

Ferry travel in Spain

Discounted ferry travel is an extra benefit of Eurail Spain rail passes.Get discounted ferry travel between Spain and:

  • Italy

  • Morocco


Bus travel in Spain

Eurail pass holders can also travel for free (pay only a reservation) on these international bus routes:

  • Canfranc - Oloron (France)

  • Valencia S. Joaquin sorolla – Valencia Nord station

Spelling of cities in Spain


On Spanish train timetables and at train stations in Spain, you'll usually find the local spelling of Spanish cities and stations.

Here is the local spelling of some popular Spanish cities:

  • Alacant = Alicante 

  • Sevilla = Seville

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