Can I get a refund for a reservation I’ve purchased but won’t use?

In general, we can refund your seat reservation ticket under the following conditions:

  • If the individual reservation has a value of more than €25 per person.

  • If the ticket is canceled at least 1 working day (8.30-17.00 CET, Monday to Friday) before your departure date by contacting our customer service team.

  • If the ticket is clearly stamped unused at a local train station the day before departure.

  • If it is not for the Eurostar high-speed train. This railway company does not offer refundable reservations.


The amount you’ll be refunded may vary per train type and is subject to the regulations of the relevant railway company.

The refund of your reservation will be applied within 2 working days after you’ve returned your original ticket. The money will be refunded to the credit card or payment method you used for the purchase. Booking fees are not refunded.