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Family Discounts

Free Passes for kids with Eurail


We believe experiencing Europe with your family can be truly amazing. This is why children aged 0-11 get a free Pass with Eurail. The best way your child can learn about the world is by seeing it.

No Pass needed for kids aged 3 or younger

Children under 4 on their first day of travel do not need a Eurail Pass. On crowded trains, parents may be requested to put the child on their lap, as they are not guaranteed their own seat.


If you would like a seat for your child you must reserve a seat in advance; however, a free Eurail Child Pass is required to make a seat reservation. You can get 2 free Eurail Child Passes (for children aged 0-11) per Eurail Adult Pass.


On night trains, it is necessary to reserve and pay for a separate couchette or sleeper if you would like your child to have its own bed.

Free Pass for kids aged 4 to 11

Children aged 4-11 on their first day of travel can get a free Child Pass! This Pass can be ordered together with an Adult Pass (applies to all Eurail Passes). When ordering your Eurail Adult Pass, add the number of Child Passes you need to your cart from the pass tables.

A maximum of two children can travel for free with one adult. The adult they travel with does not have to be a family member, this can be any adult over the age of 18 at the time of travel.


If more than two children are traveling with one adult, a separate Youth Pass needs to be purchased for the additional children.

Reservations for kids

Seat reservations are not included in our Passes. If you want to travel on certain types of trains like night trains and high-speed trains, you'll need to make reservations for all people travelling, including kids. Find out more about reservations and reservation fees.

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Youth discount

Travellers aged 12 to 27 years old can travel with a youth discount.

Senior discount

Travellers 60 and over get a 10% senior discount on all Eurail Passes.


Comfort and convenience


My family loves Eurail. It makes our travels around Europe so comfortable and convenient! Instead of having to take planes from one country to another, riding the different European trains makes our trip an amazing experience.


TrustPilot from Paula, Phillipines

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