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What to do if your paper Pass is lost or stolen


Did you include additional Pass Protection with your paper Pass order? This coverage is only available when you order online with

Follow these steps if your Eurail paper Pass is lost or stolen:

During your trip

  1. File a police report within 24 hours of loss. The report must include the same name as printed on the Eurail Pass and must clearly state that the Eurail paper Pass is lost or stolen.

  2. Continue your trip with replacement tickets to a maximum value as specified in the terms and conditions of the Pass Protection.

  3. Be sure to save all your travel tickets.

After your return

  1. Fill in the Pass Protection claim form.

  2. Follow the instructions.

  3. Submit your claim within 31 days after returning from your holiday.

Please note: 


Eurail paper Passes are non-replaceable. If your Pass gets stolen or lost, you will need to buy costly replacement tickets to continue your trip. From the day your Pass was lost or stolen, Pass Protection covers the extra costs up to the remaining value of the Pass.