Return Policy

If you need to return your Eurail Pass, you can choose between an 85% refund or an exchange for a different Eurail Pass. Please note that promotional passes are not eligible for a refund or an exchange.

A refund or exchange of Eurail Passes is only possible under these conditions:

  • It is within 1 year after the purchase of your Eurail Pass (the issue date is printed on the Pass).

  • Your Eurail Pass is unused and has not yet been activated at a European train station. A partially used pass is non-refundable.

  • You ordered your Eurail Passes directly from

  • Pre-activated Eurail Passes are refundable only if they're returned to us before the starting date, or rendered "NOT USED" by a railway official before the starting date.

This Return Policy does not apply to hotel and hostel bookings. Please contact the hotel or hostel company directly.

Refund of your Eurail Pass
Cancellation of your Eurail Pass
Exchange of your Eurail Pass
Conditions for refunds and exchanges