1 week in Switzerland

Switzerland’s phenomenal rail network and beautiful scenery make it ideal for rail travel. Even if you only have 1 week in Switzerland, you can maximize your time on the trains to get the most out of this extraordinary country. Here’s one way to go about it.



  1. Day 1: Lucerne

  2. Days 2 - 3: Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen

  3. Day 4: Montreux

  4. Days 5 - 6: Zermatt

  5. Day 7: St. Moritz


Itinerary highlights

The covered bridges of Lucerne; the scenery of the GoldenPass Train; the mountains, lakes and adventure sports of Interlaken; the shores of Lake Geneva; the Matterhorn in Zermatt; the thrill of the Glacier Express; the glitz and glamour of St. Moritz.