2 weeks on the Greek Islands

From stunning natural landscapes and an overflow of culture and history, to luxurious party resorts and crystal blue beaches - the Greek Islands have it all. Follow this itinerary with your Eurail Greek Islands Pass and enjoy all good things life has to offer during a memorable trip to paradise.



  1. Day 1 : Crete

  2. Day 2 - 3: Santorini

  3. Day 3 - 4: Ios

  4. Day 5 - 6: Paros

  5. Day 7: Athens (Piraeus)

The Greek Islands Pass includes a maximum of 6 ferry trips within one month - 2 international trips between Italy and Greece and 4 domestic trips between the 31 Greek Islands (you pick which islands you want to visit). Your pass also includes a 30% discount on all additional ferry routes operated by the Attica Group, as well as train and bus services between Patras and Athens.


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