2 weeks in Poland and the Czech Republic

Prague and the Czech Republic make for ideal rail companions. Both countries have safe and efficient trains that travel on beautifully scenic routes. If you have 2 weeks in Poland and the Czech Republic you can make it count with this itinerary.


  1. Days 1 - 3: Prague, the Czech Republic

  2. Day 4: Pilsen, the Czech Republic

  3. Days 5 - 6: Český Krumlov, the Czech Republic

  4. Days 7 - 8: Olomouc, the Czech Republic

  5. Days 9 - 11: Kraków, Poland

  6. Days 12 - 14: Warsaw, Poland


Itinerary highlights

If you’re looking for an introduction to Poland and the Czech Republic and you have two weeks to spend, you can’t go wrong with a Eurail Pass and this itinerary. There’s a wealth of history, natural beauty and architecture in these two countries that will have you coming back for more!

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