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Czech Republic By Train

Your Eurail Czech Republic Pass will give you access to a true rail adventure. The charms of Prague (Praha) are known the world over, and the entire country will amaze you with its rich history and beautiful nature. Hop aboard and see what awaits you on your Czech rail adventure.


Train types in the Czech Republic


Trains in the Czech Republic



  • Commuter trains


Spěšný (Sp)

  • Special inter-regional trains


Rychlík (R)

  • Inter-regional trains


Expres (Ex)

  • Regional trains halting only at selected stations

SC SuperCity

  • High speed trains between major cities

  • Reservations are required


InterCity (IC)

  • Intercity trains between larger cities
  • Reservations are required in selected IC trains

Eurocity (EC)

  • Intercity trains between larger cities
  • Reservations are recommended



Bikes are allowed on most trains in the Czech Republic. You'll need to buy a bike ticket in advance.

LEO Express

  • International train between the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You need an Interrail Global Pass or a Czech Republic Pass to travel on this train.

  • Reservations are free of charge, but it's mandatory to make one before you board. 

  • Tickets can be booked up to 3 months in advance on the website or at ticket offices located in Prague, Olomouc and Ostrava-Svinov.

  • Routes available:

  • Prague - Přerov - Staré Město/Ostrava - Bohumín – Košice 
  • Prague - Lichkov – Wrocław 
  • Prague – Krakow


  • Yellow international train to Austria and Slovakia. You need an Interrail Global Pass to travel on this train.
  • Trains with number RJ 1220 and RJ 1221 to Croatia are not included. 
  • Night trains on Prague-Košice route.

Reservations are mandatory on the following (RJ) routes:

  • Prague – Ostrava – Havířov - Návsí - Košice/ Opava / Bohumín
  • Prague - Brno - Vienna - Budapest
  • Ostrava - Krakow (bus route)

Reservations are optional on the following (R) routes: 

  • Brno – Přerov – Ostrava – Bohumín
  • Kolín – Ústí nad Labem (valid on R23)


SC SuperCity

  • High speed trains between major cities

  • Reservations are required


Night trains (EuroNight and Nightjet)

  • Reservations are required

Please note that your Eurail Pass is not valid on trains operated by GW Train.


Popular connections

What are the average train travel times between major cities in the Czech Republic?


Route Travel time
Prague to Brno 2.5 hours
Prague to Olomouc 2.5 hours
Prague to Ostrava 3.5 hours
Prague to Pilsen (Plzeň) 1.5 hours
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Prague to Berlin (Germany) EuroCity 4.5 hours Optional
Prague to Bratislava (Slovakia) EuroCity / RegioJet 4 hours Required (EuroCity) / Optional (RegioJet)
Prague to Budapest (Hungary) EuroCity 7 hours Optional
Prague to Vienna (Austria) Railjet / RegioJet 4 hours Optional
Prague to Warsaw (Poland) EuroCity 8 hours Required




Most domestic trains in the Czech Republic do not require seat reservations. Exceptions:

  • Selected Intercity (IC) trains
  • SC SuperCity high-speed line


See the reservation fees for domestic trains. Reservations can be made at a train station or through the Czech railways eShop.


There are also some international trains to and from the Czech Republic that require a reservation fee, like the EuroCity to Vienna, the EuroNight and the Nightjet. See the reservation fees for international trains.


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Tips and tricks for the Czech Republic

Quick facts

  • Capital: Prague (local spelling: Praha)

  • Population: 10.5 million

  • Language: Czech

  • Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)

  • Dialing code: +420


Spelling of cities of the Czech Republic

On Czech train timetables and at train stations in the Czech Republic, you'll usually find the local spelling of Czech cities and stations.


Here is the local spelling of some popular Czech cities:

  • Praha = Prague

  • Plzeň = Pilsen


Airport - station link

From Prague airport there are bus connections to Prague's public transport system or the Airport Express Bus to Prague's main station. Eurail Passes are not valid on the bus.


Eurail aid office in Czech Republic

For questions about Eurail, visit the international ticket office at Prague Liben station (Praha Liben). It is open daily from 06.00 – 20.50. See the page for more Aid Offices in Europe.


Czech Republic main train stations

Prague is the main railway center. The most important train stations are:

  • Hlavní nádrazí (Main Station). The biggest station. It has ticket offices, a train information centre and a Prague information service.

  • Nádrazí Holesovice (Holesovice Station). This is usually the terminus for trains from Berlin and other destinations to the north.


Both are serviced by line C of the city metro system.


Get inspired

  • czech-republic-prague-masthead
    Prague With our Eurail Pass, you can see the beauties of Prague and enjoy the most authentic traditional cuisines the city has to offer.