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Estonia by Train

It's time to explore the north of Europe! Travel throughout Estonia with a Eurail Pass and discover all of the capital Tallinn, the impressive history and the amazing national parks. 

Train travel in Estonia

Trains in Estonia are operated by Elroncheck their website for up to date departure timesThe main hub of the country is Tallinn. 

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Domestic trains in Estonia

Average travel time from Tallinn to other Estonian cities:

Tallinn - Narva 2h 30mins
Tallinn - Valga 3h 10mins
Tallinn - Viljandi 2h 5mins

Reservations in Estonia

It's not possible to make reservations for 2nd class when traveling with a Eurail Pass.


On some routes there are 1st class carriages where it's possible to book a seat. If you want to book a seat you have to e-mail Elron ( 3 working days in advance. Specify the date and on what time and which route you want to travel.


It's also possible to travel in 1st class with a 2nd class Pass in Estonia, for example when there are no more seats in 2nd class. You have to pay a fee to sit in 1st class, which you can pay on board of the train. 


Good to know:

In the train your Pass will be inspected by the ticket inspector. You will be issued a ticket, but don't worry, you won't have to pay anything. This ticket will have a value of €0 and is for Elron's administration only. 

International trains in Estonia


International trains

There are no direct international trains leaving from Estonia to neighboring countries. However, there is a connection with a transfer to Latvia through the Estonian border town Valga.


Estonia to Latvia: Tallinn - Valga line

The last stop of the Tallinn - Valga line is still in Estonia, however, at this station you can transfer to a Latvian train that goes directly to Riga.


International ferries

Tallinn has great connections to Finland and Sweden. These ferries are not included in the Pass, but Eurail Pass holders can get a discount on their passage. Check the benefits portal for more information on these ferries and the discount:


Ferry to Finland: Tallinn - Helsinki

The ferry from Tallinn (Estonia) to Helsinki (Finland) takes between 2 and 3 hours. This route is offered by Tallink Silja, Viking Lines and Eckerö line.


Ferry to Sweden: Tallinn - Stockholm

The ferry from Tallinn (Estonia) to Stockholm (Sweden) is an overnight ferry and takes approximately 16 hours. This route is offered by Viking Line and Tallink Silja. 

Estonia Rail Passes

We have a range of options for you to see Estonia by train. Just pick the Pass that fits your travel plans!


Eurail Pass options for Estonia

Eurail Estonia Pass

  • Offers you extensive rail travel in Estonia.

  • Youth, senior and family discounts available.

  • Prices from € 80


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Eurail Global Pass

  • Have the freedom to visit Estonia and up to 32 other Eurail countries

  • Youth, senior and family discounts available

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Places to visit

The Old Town of Tallinn
The Old Town of Tallinn

The colours of Tallinn


Tallinn is Estonia’s bustling capital city and offers a lot of opportunities for travellers. The Old Town is one of the highlights, where you can see the 14th century Town Hall, the 19th century Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the best view of Tallinn from the Toompea hill. You can also spend time at the Port of Tallinn and the Museum of Estonian Architecture or have a taste of Estonian’s cuisine and traditional craft beer at one of the many restaurants throughout the city. 

The Old Town of Tartu
The Old Town of Tartu

Estonia's intelligence hub


Mostly known for its top-level university and the fact it’s the oldest city in Estonia, Tartu is definitely a destination not to be missed. The buildings in the city centre are just as impressive as the old wooden houses in the popular “Soup neighbourhood”. There every street is named after a soup ingredient such as potatoes, beans or peas, so you can create a recipe of your own while walking around and exploring this lively district.

Hermann castle
Hermann castle

Europe's easternmost destination


If you’re looking for travelling to the end of the world (okay, just the end of the European Union) the city of Narva, the easternmost destination might be the one for you. This place has a rich history, including being heavily bombed in the World War II. Luckily, it was not destroyed too much so you get to see some beautiful landmarks. The Hermann Castle is one of them and it dates back to the 13th century. If the beautiful scenery is not enough for you, inside the castle you will find a big collection of handcrafts and many opportunities for workshops, where you can watch and learn some of the skills used in the medieval times.

Aerial view above Viljandi
Aerial view above Viljandi

Historical gem


With more than 2,600 years of history, Viljandi is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for historic architecture. The Viljandi Order Castle, despite being mostly ruins, is one of the city’s biggest attraction and is not to be missed. Why you should add this little town to your list, though, is its annual folk music festival attracting more than 20,000 visitors. It’s the largest music festival in the whole country and there are small stages all around the city, throughout the whole day.

Valga from above
Valga from above

Between Estonia and Latvia


Have you always wanted to be at two places in the same time? Then the town of Valga is the perfect pick for you. It’s split in the middle between Estonia and Latvia, so there is an interesting mix of cultures, languages and traditions. Of course, the border statue between Valga and Valka is an absolute must. There you can have your picture taken while being in both countries at the same time. Once you’re done, you can experience the Estonian part and its beautiful Town Hall, Jaani Church and the interesting Valga Museum. If that’s not enough, head to the Military Theme Park or to one of the many hiking and biking trails along the Pedeli River.

Ruins of the Rakvere castle
Ruins of the Rakvere castle

Between the coast and the forest 


If you’re on your way to Finland, make sure you stop by Rakvere, an old city in northern Estonia. It has the perfect location of being close to coast and the Lahemaa national park, making it easy to have the best of both worlds. The city has become a popular tourist destination, as many events and festivals are held annually there. Our favourite highlight is the castle’s ruins, which have been turned into a theme park, where you can expect nothing else than dressing as knights and medieval ladies, torture chamber, wine cellar, alchemist’s workshop and many more. 

Pass Benefits in Estonia


With a Eurail Pass you can make use of some benefits, like:

  • Discounted ferry passage to Finland and Sweden
  • And more...