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Greece by Train

Your Eurail journey through Greece will likely be unforgettable. Greece is a mystical blend of ancient history and modern-day hedonism. Take in the sights that take you back to a world before time, and then leap back into the present for sand, sea, and sun relaxation. Whether on the mainland or one of the countless islands, Greece is a true paradise.


Please note that train travel in Greece requires some preparation.


Train types in Greece

The Greek railway company Hellenic Train operates services between some of the country's main cities including Athens and Thessaloniki. Find train times on the Hellenic Train website.


Domestic trains in Greece

Eurail Pass holders can travel on all TRAINOSE trains. Eurailers only have to pay the InterCity (IC) train supplements and any additional fees.


  • High quality and speed across Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis and Dikea.

  • Reservations required (but free of charge).

Suburban railway

  • Connects major urban centres to the suburbs.

  • Available in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.

  • Reservations not required.


Bicycles are allowed as check-in luggage on certain trains. Please check at the train stations in any fees apply.

International overnight trains
The Hellas Express night train connects Thessaloniki to Skopje in FYR Macedonia and Belgrade in Serbia. 


You can find the actual travel times on the Serbian Railways (ZS) website.


Popular connections

Route InterCity travel times
Athens to Larissa 4:02
Athens to Thessaloniki 5:23
Larissa to Thessaloniki 1:21
Route Which train? Travel time Reservations
Thessaloniki to Belgrade (Serbia) Hellas Express night train 14:12 (overnight)
You can find travel times on the Serbian Railways (ZS) website.
Thessaloniki to Skopje (North Macedonia) Hellas Express night train 4:24
You can find travel times on the Serbian Railways (ZS) website.
Thessaloniki to Sofia (Bulgaria) INT 360/361 & 600/601 6:50 Required

Scenic train routes in Greece

The Pelion train

  • A steam train travels from Ano Lehonia to Milies, up the spectacular Mount Pelion.

  • The journey lasts 1.5 hours, including a 15-minute break.


The Rack Railway

  • A rack railroad from Diakofto to Kalavryta takes you through the gorgeous Vouraikos Gorge.

  • The journey lasts approximately 1 hour.

International ferry routes from Greece to Italy

Eurail Pass holders with a Pass valid in both Greece and Italy get FREE and discounted ferry travel to Italy on the following routes:

Superfast Ferries

  • Patras/Igoumenitsa to Ancona/Bari/Venice

  • Corfu - Bari (summer only)




Most domestic day trains in Greece do not require reservations.


Exception: for the InterCity trains reservation is compulsory. There are no reservation costs.


Overview of domestic reservation fees


Get your Pass for Greece

Greece Pass


Spend your whole vacation traveling throughout Greece by rail.


Standard prices from $ 82

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Be free to explore Greece and up to 30 other countries by train.


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Greek Islands Pass


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Tips and tricks for Greece

Quick facts

  • Capital: Athens

  • Population: 10.8 million

  • Language: Greek

  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Dialing code: +30

Spelling of city names

On Greek train timetables and at train stations in Greece, you'll usually find the local spelling of Greek cities and stations. Here is the local spelling of some popular Greek cities:

  • Athens = Athina

  • Corfu = Kérkyra

  • Corinth = Kórinthos

  • Heraklion = Iráklio

  • Patras = Pátra

  • Piraeus= Pireás

Ferry crossings between Greece and Italy

If your Eurail pass is valid in both Greece and Italy, you can travel for FREE with a number of ferry providers. Those with Eurail passes for only one of these countries can receive a discount of up to 30% on full fares for selected routes.


Domestic boat trips

You can get special fares on domestic boat travel with the following ferry companies:

  • Blue Star Ferries

  • Superfast Ferries

  • Minoan Lines


See all pass benefits for Greece

Eurail aid offices in Greece

For questions about Eurail, you can go to the Hellenic Railways travel agency in Athens, the railway station of Patras or the Central railway station of Thessaloniki.


Detailed information about Eurail aid offices in Greece and the rest of Europe.


Airport links

From Athens E.Venizelos airport there is a train every hour to Athens Central railway station and to Kiato new railway station (change at Ano Liossia station).




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