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Lithuania by train

Steeped in history and tradition, Lithuania is not to be missed when traveling through eastern Europe. From grand castles to picturesque lakes and lush forests, make sure it is part of your itinerary!

Lithuania quick facts

  • Population: 2.8 million
  • Language: Lithuanian
  • Currency: Euro
  • Dialing code: +370

Lithuanian Railways

Eurail Passes for Lithuania

Eurail Lithuania Pass

The Eurail Lithuania Pass let's you discover the highlights of Lithuania like Vilnius, Klaipêda and the coastal village of Nida. 

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass is the flexible and budget-friendly way to get around up to 33 countries in Europe. Travel by train from one cool destination to the next. One day you're on a pub crawl through Amsterdam and the next you're white-water rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Trains in Lithuania

Map of major train routes in Lithuania

Domestic trains

  • Trains in Lithuania are mainly operated by AB 'LG Keleiviams'.
  • Vilnius Railway Station is the largest station in the country, and the main hub for rail traffic.
  • There is a direct train connection from Vilnius airport to this central station 18 times a day, which takes 8 minutes and costs €0.70.
  • Other large stations in LIthuania are in Klaipéda, Radviliškis and Kaunas.
  • Eurail Passes are not valid on the buses or trams.


Travel times in Lithuania:


Route Travel time
Vilnius to Kaunas 1hr 34min
Vilnius to Klaipéda 4hr 10min
Vilnius to Siauliai 2hr 33min

For more information about train routes in Lithuania, please check the website of the Lithuanian Railways.



Reservations are not mandatory to travel by train in Lithuania. However, reservations for the route Vilnius - Klaipeda are highly recommended due to high demand. 

Route What is included:
Vilnius - Klaipėda Drinks and snacks

Vilnius - Klaipėda- Nida

(Pajūrio ekspresas)

Drinks and snacks, bus transfer from Klaipėda to Nida

Vilnius - Klaipėda- Palanga

(Pajūrio ekspresas)

Drinks and snacks, bus transfer from Klaipėda to Palanga


How to book a reservation:

At the train station in Lithuania.


International trains from Lithuania:

Kaunas - Bialystok (Poland)

  • This trip takes on average 4hr 30 min.
  • This line runs on Saturday, Sunday and Monday only. Bikes and luggage can be carried on-board, space permitting. There's a 35kg limit on luggage, but you can purchase extra luggage allowance.


Vilnius - Daugavpils (Latvia)

  • From Daugavpils you can change to a Latvian train to Riga.


Other international routes take you to Belarus. However, this country is not covered by the pass. If you want to take a train to Belarus, you will have to buy full fare tickets at the station in Lithuania, you can not use your Pass to travel on this train.


Places to visit


Old Town Vilnius 


The social hub of the capital, Vilnius' Old Town has something for everyone, from grand architecture, to a buzzing nightlife. It is also the perfect spot to relax, with many riverside cafés and eateries. 


Amongst the many unique buildings, one of the most prominent is St Anne's Church, whose twisted red-clay towers pierce the skyline. You can also visit the crypts which lead under Vilnius cathedral to learn more about the history of the city. 

How to get there

All of Vilnius is accessible by foot, with the Old Town being a short walk from the train station. 


The Republic of Uzupis 


Formerly one of the most dangerous areas of the city with a dark history, the bohemian self-governed Republic of Uzupis is a fascinating place to visit. Initially a neighbourhood left to crumble, artists took it over and built a republic with its own currency and constitution, founded on the ideas of community and co-operation.


These days, the streets are lined with art, and the area hosts many creative festivals and events year-round. 

Beware though, as locals believe that if you happen to gaze into the eyes of the mermaid statue that greets you as you enter, you'll never want to leave.


How to get there

The Republic of Uzupis is mostly within the Old Town area of Vilnius, reachable by crossing one of the many bridges over Vilnia River.


Sand dunes of Nida


Stretching for 98 kilometers, the shifting sands in western Lithuania are a natural wonder well worth visiting. The dunes, known as the Curonian Spit, frame the Curonian Lagoon and protect it from the waves of the Baltic Sea. Now a protected national park, the flora and fauna thrive, and nature lovers can possibly catch a glimpse of everything from racoons to moose and jellyfish.


How to get there

There are ferries twice a day that take you to Nida from Klaipeda which take 2 hours. There are also buses that run regularly, with a jouney time of 1h 40m.


Gediminas' tower


Overlooking the city of Vilnius is the Gediminas' Tower, all that is left of the Upper Castle that was once the first line of defence for the city. 
Nowadays, it offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city, and houses a small museum that covers the history of the castle.  


How to get there

The Tower can be reached by foot via a road, or by taking a funicular from the city up the hill directly in less than 2 minutes.  


Hill of Crosses


With the origins shrouded in mystery, the Hill of Crosses has been a popular place of pilgrimage for over a century. The number of crosses continues to grow, with over 200,000 currently – and visitors are welcome to leave their own.

The site, located a short journey from Siauliai, used to be a fort. However the Soviet occupations of the area gave it a new significance, and now it holds a place in Lithuanians' hearts as a symbol of heritage, remembrance, and also resistance.


How to get there

From Siauliai, a bus can take you to Domantai from which the hill is a 20-minute walk.


Trakai Castle


Situated on beautiful Lake Galve, this ancient castle has been built, reduced to rubble and restored multiple times since its construction in the 16th century. Nowadays, it is open to the public, and hosts many permanent and temporary exhibitions along with festivals throughout the year. 


How to get there

The town of Trakai can be reached by train from Vilnius. The journey is around 30 minutes, and costs less than 2 euros


Events in Lithuania


Sea festival

End of July


The Klaipėda Sea Festival has been taking place every year since 1934 in the third biggest city of Lithuania. During the festival you can try lots of local foods and beers, enjoy music from local musicians and shop for the cutest souvenirs. It lasts an entire weekend, from Friday to Sunday, so if you're around in summer, make sure to include it in your itinerary! 


For more information visit the website of Jūros šventė.


Vilnius Christmas market

Early December 2020 - Early January 2021


The most wonderful time of the year is celebrated on Vilnius' beautiful Cathedral square. Your time here will be filled with beautiful lights, decorated christmas trees and delicious scents. Shop for unique gifts for your family and friends, try the amazing pastries and wines of Lithuania and soak up the great Christmas spirit. It will be a winter celebration to never forget!

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