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Norway By Train


The dazzling fjords and mountains of Norway offer the most spectacular views in Europe, and they’re all yours to discover on scenic train routes. Make your trip complete with a visit to these exciting towns and cities. Norway is the ideal destination for an adventurous European holiday.


Train types in Norway

Expect to be impressed by trains operated by VY Railways, GoAhead Norge and SJ. Modern, comfortable and ready to carry you across the country all times of the day, they're pretty awesome. You can check times for trains in Norway using the Eurail Timetable.


Reservations for most Norwegian trains are shown as optional in the Timetable. However, we advise you to always make reservations in Norway, because trains often get fully booked. 


Map with main train connections in Norway

Regional and intercity trains in Norway

VY Groupcommuter trains in the Oslo area (SUB)

  • Regional trains linking larger cities to surrounding towns on various short-distance routes.

  • 2nd class carriages only.

  • No reservation required.


VY Tog day and night trains (REG / RE)

  • Regional trains linking bigger cities and smaller towns between Oslo and Bergen
  • Operating on 3 routes: 
    • Oslo - Bergen
    • Bergen - Voss
    • Bergen - Arna
  • Reservations are mandatory on regional trains between Oslo and Bergen.
  • No reservations on the other local trains.


Go-Ahead Norge trains (REG/ RE)

  • Regional trains linking bigger cities and smaller towns between Oslo and Stavanger 
  • Operating on 3 routes: 
    • Oslo - Stavanger
    • Egersund - Stavanger
    • Nelaug - Arendal
  • Reservations are optional, but recommended. Trains can fill up quickly.
  • No reservations required on local trains, such as Sørtoket Lokal (formerly Arendalsbanen) and Jærbanen


SJ Norge trains (NORD)

  • Regional trains at Dovrebanen, Rørosbanen, Raumabanen, Nordlandsbanen, and local trains at Trønderbanen and Meråkerbanen
  • Reservations in regional trains are optional, but recommended. Trains can fill up quickly.
  • No reservation required on local trains, such as Trønderbanen and Meråkerbanen


With a Eurail Pass valid in Norway, you only have to pay the reservation fee.

Night trains in Norway

Domestic night trains (REG)

  • Domestic overnight trains on the routes:

    • Oslo - Stavanger (GoAhead Nordic)
    • Oslo - Bergen (VY Tog)
    • Oslo - Trondheim (SJ Norge)
    • Trondheim - Bodø (SJ Norge)
  • Sleep in a cosy compartment and awake to inspiring scenery passing your train window.

  • Keys to sleeping compartments are collected from the on-board cafeteria (Meny Kafé).

  • You must reserve a bed or seat in advance.


Go-Ahead Norge night train (REG)

  • Domestic overnight train on the route Oslo - Stavanger 
  • Comfortable beds,  maximum 2 adults and 2 childre per compartment 
  • Complimentary voucher for free water and earplugs 
  • You must reserve a bed in advance

Tourist trains in Norway

Flåm Railway (RE)

  • Very wild and scenic train route.

  • Connects mountain railway station Myrdal to Flåm, located in the magnificent Aurlandsfjord, 865 meters below.

  • Not covered by rail passes, but holders of a Eurail Pass do benefit from a 30% discount.

  • Buy your ticket in advance by calling the Entur customer centre: +47 61 27 90 88

Bus services in Norway

Veøy Buss

  • Service from Åndalsnes to Molde.

  • Tickets can be bought on the bus.

  • 50% discount for holders of a Eurail Pass.


Popular connections

Here are the routes between major cities using regional trains in Norway, all covered by the Eurail Pass.


Route Duration

Oslo to Bergen

7 hours

Oslo to Stavanger

7 hours 45 mins

Oslo to Trondheim

6 hours 40 mins

You can travel to and from Norway from popular cities in the following European countries:


Route Train / ferry Duration Reservations
Bergen, Kristiansand or Stavanger to Hirtshals (Denmark) Fjordline ferry 2 to 17 hours Required
Oslo to Gothenburg (Sweden) VY Regiontog 4 hours Optional
Oslo to Stockholm (Sweden) SJ High Speed 6 hours Required

To travel overland from Denmark to Norway, you can take a high-speed train from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Gothenburg (Sweden), changing trains in Malmo (Sweden). Then take the direct VY Regiontog listed in the above table. In total, this will take under 9 hours. Reservations are required on the trains in Sweden.



We strongly recommend that you reserve a seat on the long distance trains because these trains can fill up quickly, especially in high-season. 


How can I make reservations for trains in Norway?

  • At a train station: Ticket desks from Entur AS.

  • By phone: Contact the Entur customer center on weekdays between 7:00 and 23:00, Saturdays between 8:00 and 21:00 and Sundays between 9:00 and 23:00. Opening times may vary during holidays.

    You can call them on +47 61 05 19 10.

  • Online: through our Reservation Service


Reservation Fees:

  • The reservation fee for 2nd class Passes is 50 NOK (approximately €5) per seat in the standard area or 200/300NOK (approximately €20/€30) for a seat in the Komfort, Pluss or Premium area (depending on the train company).
  • Fee for night train sleeping accommodation is 1000 NOK (approximately €100) and bookable as single or two persons sleeper.  


Good to know:

  • On domestic day routes, there's no reservation fee for 1st class Pass Holders. However, 1st class Pass Holders need to have a seat reservation in upgraded compartments (Komfort, Pluss, Premium - depending on the train company). You can book this for free, but you must book locally.
  • On night trains there is no difference for 1st class or 2nd class. 
  • The Comfort Night place is only offered on the Sørlandsbanen (Oslo–Kristiansand–Stavanger–Oslo) night train. It is available all nights except for Saturday night to Sunday morning and the fee is 230 NOK (approximately €25), which can only be booked in Norway.
  • You can reserve trains for other countries at larger Norwegian train stations or through the Entur call center.


What can I expect when calling the Entur call center?

  1. Call the Entur customer center on +47 61 05 19 10 to book your seat or sleeper accommodation in Norway.

  2. Select ‘9’ in the menu to be put through to English speaking staff.

  3. There is an admin fee of 50 NOK (approximately €5).

  4. Payments can be made by credit card.

  5. Pre-paid reservations can be picked up at train stations and ticket vending machines before departure, or sent as PDF ticket via e-mail, or delivered onboard your chosen train.

  6. Reservations that haven't been paid for yet, have to picked up at ticket vending machines or at an open train station. You have to do this no later than one week after booking, or no later than the day prior to departure if there is less than one week till departure.


Get further info about reservations.


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Tips and tricks for Norway

The main Norwegian train stations

You'll find the hub of Norway's rail traffic in its capital city. Oslo Central Station, "Oslo S" for short, connects Norway's major cities as well as international destinations.


Railway stations in Norway have top facilities:

  • Lockers

  • ATMs and foreign exchange desks

  • Cafés, restaurants, shops

  • Tourist info

  • Elevators, escalators

  • Good access for disabled travellers

Railway companies in Norway

There are 3 railway carriers in Norway that are included in your Interrail Pass: VY, Go Ahead Norge, and SJ. 


You can book all trains from these 3 carriers through Entur, either by phone or at their ticket desks at the train station. Reservations are mandatory on VY Tog regional trains between Oslo and Bergen. For other long distance and regional trains, reservations are not mandatory, but they are recommended since trains can fill up quickly!



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