Can I buy Eurail Passes in Europe?

Yes, you can buy certain Eurail Passes at European train stations, but this is more expensive than ordering online. We recommend you order your Eurail Pass with and have it delivered to your home or work address. We also deliver to Europe, including to hotels and hostels.

Here's why we recommend ordering with us:

  • Save an average of 20% on the price of buying your passes in Europe.

  • Choose from the full selection of Eurail train passes.

  • Have your pass delivered to your home country. Already in Europe? Then we'll deliver to your address in Europe (provided someone is able to sign for the package during business hours). has great promotions running throughout the year, which means you get an even better deal when you buy in advance. Need some help choosing or ordering your pass? Contact us now

View prices and expected delivery times for your Eurail Pass to your European address or home address by using the tool below.