Can I get compensation for train delays?

You can apply for financial compensation for train delays, if you have experienced 3 or more delays of over 60 minutes each (in EU-member states). Find more information on the Eurail Group GIE website, as well as a compensation request form.

The following conditions apply to compensation requests:

  • You must send your compensation request to the Eurail Group GIE within 3 months after the last valid day of your Eurail pass. In the compensation request form, you can find the address to send your request to.

  • Compensation is possible for holders of Eurail Select Pass (2, 3, or 4 countries) or a Eurail Global Pass.

  • Requests by holders of a Eurail One Country Pass may be submitted, but they will be forwarded to the respective railway. In some cases, countries that are not part of the European Union will not pay any compensation.