What is the travel diary?

The travel diary is the section of your pass cover where you need to enter your personal details and ticket details, as well as the journey details of each train and free bus or ferry you take. It's important to remember to fill in the details of each journey before boarding all trains or free buses or ferries. Train staff will check if the details are correct during your journey. If you don't fill in the information prior to boarding the train, you could get a fine!

You must keep the pass cover and pass together at all times, ready to present to train staff at their request. You must also ensure that you enter your travel days into the travel calendar before boarding the first train of each day.

Fill in the personal details and ticket details sections before you start traveling with your Eurail Pass. Get a free gift from Eurail by crossing the relevant box and sending your completed travel diary to the address on the cover, once you've finished your trip.

You must fill in the details of each train, free ferry and free bus journey you make into the journey details section, including all the connections you make. The train no. (number) is optional and can be found on train timetables. Be sure to write clearly so it's easy for train staff to read. By failing to correctly fill in this section before getting on each train, you risk getting a fine!

Train staff will check the journey details are filled in correctly during your train journey. If you don't fill this in prior to boarding the train, you risk getting a fine!

If you run out space in your travel diary you can download additional lines and print them out. Then keep filling in the information like you did on your original diary page.

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