10 years of Eurail.com

10 years of Eurail.com

Eurail.com is now 10 years old! We're not slowing down - we'll continue to offer you the ultimate travel experience and inspiration as you plan your Europe trip.

Eurail.com beginnings

This website was established in the Netherlands in 2006 as a worldwide sales agent of Eurail Passes, the rail passes that define rail travel in Europe. The Eurail Pass was launched in 1959 for non-Europeans to explore the continent. Since its creation, millions of people have used these passes.

Its people

The Eurail.com workforce is made up of young, international travel experts who are passionate about Eurail and delivering the best service to Eurail.com customers. Our award-winning Customer Service Team has agents from all over the world. They deliver 24-hour service in many languages to customers from 168 countries.

Our partnerships

We've teamed up with Airbnb and Hostelworld to give you the best experience as you travel through Europe. We also have many exciting partnerships lined up in the future, so stay tuned.

We're proud of our achievements over the past decade. We hope you all join us in celebrating our 10th birthday!