Exciting changes to the Eurail Pass

Travel Europe by train

Traveling with Eurail just got even better!

We’re very excited to announce some changes to Eurail that will make your visit to Europe better than ever.

Inspired by the trips Eurail travelers take every day, these changes will make finding the best rail pass for you, and booking it, as easy as can be.

Here’s what you can do from January 1, 2016:

Choose from hundreds of country combinations with the Eurail Select Pass

We understand that you want to discover more of Europe than ever before, so we’ve updated the Eurail Select Pass range. Alongside the Eurail Four Country Select Pass, we’ve added Three Country and Two Country Select Passes. That means you have many more travel options. To be precise: 441 unique country combinations to choose from!

Book further in advance

You told us you want to plan more before to travel. So we’ve extended the advance booking period for Eurail passes from 6 months to 11 months. You'll be able to order your pass sooner, at a time that suits you best. Earlier booking means more time to spend preparing the rest of your trip!

Get a group discount in more countries

With a Eurail saver pass you can travel together for less. Most Eurail passes already have the saver option. From January 1, 2016, the Eurail Spain Pass, Eurail Portugal Pass (1st class only) and Eurail Bulgaria Pass get it too. That's 3 more countries where group travel will be cheaper with Eurail.

Travel with a youth discount in every Eurail country

Until January 1, 2016 the Eurail Spain Pass and Eurail Two Country Select Pass for Spain and Portugal did not have a youth option. But now they do! That means the youth discount is available for ALL Eurail passes.


Get four Scandinavian countries for the price of one

From January 1, 2016, the Eurail Scandinavia Pass is classed as a Eurail One Country Pass. This means you get train and ferry travel across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland all in one great value pass! For the first time, the Eurail Scandinavia Pass will be available for 1st class or 2nd class.

To make way for this change, we've discontinued the Eurail Denmark - Sweden Pass, Eurail Finland - Sweden Pass, and the Eurail Norway - Sweden Pass. 3 and 4 country combinations of these countries are available with the Eurail Select Pass.

Choose from more travel period options with a Eurail Global Pass

We’ve made some small changes to the travel periods you can travel with a Eurail Global Pass. These include new and extended travel periods. You can learn about Eurail travel days and validity periods here, or see what's changed in the table below.

Changes to travel days and validity periods of the Eurail Global Pass
Discontinued on Jan 1, 2016UnchangedNEW for 2016!
5 days within 10 days10 days within 2 months5 days within 1 month
21 days continuous15 days within 2 months7 days within 1 month
 15 days continuous22 continuous
 1 month continuous 
 2 months continuous 
 3 months continuous 


And finally…

We've changed the name of our Eurail Attica Pass to the Eurail Greek Islands Pass, because we think it sounds nicer!

Please note: The above changes came into effect on January 1, 2016. If you ordered your Eurail pass before this date, don't worry - the conditions and validity of your pass, at the time you ordered it, still apply. The above changes will not be applied to Eurail passes ordered before January 1, 2016.