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Train reservations in Sweden

Reservations for domestic Swedish trains can be made at larger train stations, or on the Swedish Railways (SJ) website.

Most trains in Sweden do not require a reservation, but there are some exceptions. Reservations are compulsory for SJ high speed trains and InterCity trains, as well as for beds in night trains. For local or regional trains it is not possible to reserve seats.

Making an online reservation

  1. Go to the SJ website.

  2. Enter the From and To destination and your desired departure date/time.

  3. Add Traveler Information. In the Customer card dropdown menu select "Interrail or Eurail Pass".

    Screenshot showing how to choose your pass from dropdown menu at SJ website

  4. Click 'Continue'

  5. Select a journey (fees are stated in Swedish kronas) and a seat (choose 'refundable'). Click 'Continue'.

  6. Add preferences, like a seating preference, meal, or a laptop connection and 'Continue'.

  7. Now you can pay securely with your credit card. The most suitable delivery methods for overseas customers are 'Home printed e-ticket' or 'Collect tickets' (from a SJ ticket machine at bigger stations in Sweden).

Night trains

Following the same procedure, you can also make a reservation for a night train in Sweden. You can choose between a sleeping car with comfortable beds and a WC and shower, or a couchette with more basic comfort. Again, fees are stated in Swedish kronas. Choose the 'refundable' option.

Screenshot showing differences between accommodation for SJ trains

International trains

You can not make online reservations for international trains to or from Sweden. We advise you to contact the call center of the SJ for international reservations. From outside Sweden please dial +46 771-75 75 75. From within Sweden call 0771-75 75 75. You can also make reservations at the international ticket office at larger train stations.